Sunday, May 11, 2008

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline: Happy Mare's Day!

Mother's Day, is a special day we set aside to honor our moms.

In the spirit of Mother's Day, I chose this very special "mom", Callie, rescued from the slaughter pen. It is not only the sick and elderly that are sent to slaughter. Just like Callie, many are young and healthy horses in desperate need of homes.

This very lucky mare had a weanling at her side and was pregnant with the foal featured in this touching video from ksbg195

Let's thank the "horse moms" who lovingly rescued these horses in order to give  them a second chance for a meaningful and happy life, by leaving a comment for them.

Happy Mother's Day!


Vicki said...

I am grateful for these wonderful people who are kind and loving enough to rescue these beautiful horses. Too many of them end up in slaughter houses for no reason other than the owner wouldn't take the time to try to find them good homes. They all deserve to have a second chance.

annie! said...

such a beautiful mother. thank goodness she was rescued!

prayers are going out to the wonderful people who rescue horses!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That brought tears to my eyes! It is nice to know that these horses are now safe and will be able to live the life they deserve! May God Bless You and Yours for helping in their time of need! Many Happy and Healthy Trails! ~RC~

Luvbarbaro said...

Aw- when I saw "Happy Mares Day," I had to chuckle!! That is too cute and it is Happy Mares Day!! Well, I'm a bit late, but Happy Mother's Day to all humans and Mares alike!!

It is a tragedy so many healthy horses end up in slaughter houses because they can't find homes. Bless You -- THANK YOU for taking in Callie!! :>)