Saturday, May 10, 2008

To Dream the Impossible Dream: Do You Have One?


This morning while I was indulging in one of my recent favorite hobbies, "Yahoo Answers", I ran across a unique question asked by a young lady who wanted to know if anyone believed in unicorns or Pegasus. It got me to thinking about these two mythical horses and how they have impacted me over the years.

Do I believe in them? While I have no absolute proof, I must admit that I lean toward the belief  that they exist in spirit and can touch us on many levels.

Pegasus, the flying horse, has always been inspirational. My mare, Patti and I spent many hours volunteering in the Pegasus therapeutic riding program. The name of the program was well chosen, as it offered disabled riders the opportunity to experience what may have seemed to be impossible for them.

Much more enjoyable and enriching than  impersonal  machines and other "orthodox" physical therapies, the horses and the folks who involved in handling them, provided  the healing effects which traditional physical therapy provides, but in an enjoyable and delightful way.

The Unicorn, on the other hand, to me is a symbol of what is possible if one truly believes in something. Just because we cannot see something, does not mean that it doesn't exist. Maybe there is a unicorn in my garden. I would like to think that one day, I might actually get to see one.

"The Unicorn in the Garden" a fable of our time written by James Thurber is a truly inspirational and thought provoking metaphor. Please take a few minutes to view the video,(classic UPA cartoon 1953)  from erose7en

So why not dream the impossible dream? They can only come true if we dare to.

Do you believe in unicorns and Pegasus? Have these mythical horses touched your lives in any way? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with us.


Anonymous said...

Not the ending I expected, that's for sure! Delightful ....


Fran said...

Something like poetic justice, only more mystical. It really made me smile--- and think!

Thaxt said...

Every Magickal operation needs to have an invocation (or something like it)to initiate its intent.

If one wants to invoke, or evoke, Mythical Horse Beings, I suppose, you could start off with:

"By Equus, Pegasus,Eohippus, & Sagittarius.."

That way you can begin transforming yourself into a horse.

The reason?

Well, for one thing, you might want to raid a neighbor's grain storage bin, & that would give you the more effective disguise needed to bring off such a Magickal operation.

Seriously, yes, I beleieve in anything Mythical, Heroic, & Benevolent, & realities beyond this one.

Luvbarbaro said...

That video was absolutely adorable! The article was great too -- we horse lovers & horse racing fans sure need this now!

Thank You for putting a smile on my face! :>)

annie! said...

of course i believe in unicorns!

when i lived in ca -- i met otter and morning glory g'zelle on several occasions. they 'created' lancelot and bedivere -- the two unicorns. lance appeared for a few years in ringling bros barnum and bailey circus. he was a very sweet animal.