Saturday, May 31, 2008

Name the Filly: Enter the Contest

new filly3

One of my favorite things about "blogging" is finding folks who share my love for animals, and of course my passion for horses.

When a "stranger" posts a comment on my blog with a link to theirs, the first thing I do is to check it out! I was thrilled when I discovered the fascinating equine oriented one, "Oh Horsefeathers"  on which the author, MrsMom,  posts almost every day.

MrsMom is holding a contest and donating a "mystery" prize for the best name suggested for this adorable black and white paint  filly born at Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue, a few days ago.

new filly2

The date set for the naming party to be held in June has not yet been set, but stay tuned for more information.

You can read more about the happenings at Harmony Meadows Equine Rescue on their blog, as well.

So join in the fun and put on your thinking caps.  You can read more about this filly and add a comment to MrsMom's blog entry with the names that you suggest. There is no limit to the number of creative names you wish to enter.

new filly4

Time is running out so grab that cup of coffee, put your feet up as you look at these photographs and fall in love.

Feel free to forward the link to my blog entry to your horse loving friends, to invite them to join in the fun!

Isn't this baby just adorable?  Tell us what you think by leaving a comment here, as well.


Mrs Mom said...

Thank You Jo! This ought to turn out to be a fantastic contest. There is talk of a saddle being the prize...

More details to come on HorseFeathers!

Looking forward to reading the suggestions!

Min said...

I am naming filly "Bucket" because she looks (her coloring) like she tipped the milk bucket. Bucket, though, just came to me; in glee (such a joyful photo of her rolling).


M00NLTSNTA said...

SaltNPepper, 'cause she's black and white...

or Sundae Morning


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Just posted a few name ideas. Thanks for the heads-up.

The Mane Point

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Just posted to this and gave your entry a link too. ;-)

Sounds like fun!



DBDustbuny said...

She reminds me of the Tundra. So I chose "Tundra. When you look at the tundra you see beautiful white expanses wit dark soil and rocks showing. It is wind swept and free and beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I love her coloring... coffee colored with the frosting... how about Mochachino, Cappichino, Frosted Mochachino, Frosty Cappichino? I thought I posted this yesterday, but it's not here, so the web elves must have struck.

What a DARLING baby...I'm sure I won't win, but if I should, I don't need a saddle (somehow I think the cats would object) but just in case... you might donate it to a children's program with horses!

Anonymous said...

I know the post says she's black and white, but somehow here, she looks brown and white...hence my coffee references. hehe