Monday, May 19, 2008

Passing it Forward: The Joy of Blogging

One of the things I personally enjoy about "blogging"  is meeting the most fascinating people on the Internet. Networking and building community is one of my favorite past times. I was thrilled to receive this little "award" the other day from one of the horse bloggers with whom I have connected.

Mrs Mom who blogs at OhHorseFeathers & Related Twisted "Tails" was gifted by Pony Girl, of ponygirlridesagain with this adorable graphic, and in turn, MrsMom  passed it forward.


Making new friends who share common interests is very exciting. Finding folks who love animals and contribute to the body of knowledge about them and make a difference in the lives of animals, is very satisfying to me.

Thanks, MrsMom. I am proud to add this award "banner" to my blog.

Have you met folks on the Internet who share your interests? Have you met any of them in real life? Leave a comment and let us know how the Internet has impacted you.


Steve said...

You might want to check out
You can turn your favorite pet photo into a night light.

Anonymous said...

WTG Jo! You've done a GREAT Job!

Vicki said...

Big Congrats! You put so much heart and soul into this blog and I enjoy reading it every day. You should have a great reward for all your hard work on this.

Joanne said...

Lol have I met friends on the internet? In this crazy world most of my friends are on the internet. I found Tim Woolley Racing former home of the FOB's by accident when I was searching for information on Barbaro and the rest is history. I became a member of an online prayer vigil where I met many unforgetable people . I was lucky enough to go to a celebration of Barbaro's life last spring in Delaware and the feeling of acceptance was amazing from people you had only met online. I tell my family that my best frineds are in this "box"
And.....last but not least - congrats on the award!

Rani said...

Conga-rats, Jo, you deserve the kudos!

Let's see... do I have friends on the 'net? I've met over 75 of them, and not an axe-murderer yet! ...hee-hee, I rhymed...!

There are times where my online friends are more real than my IRL ones.

I met Jo over 10 years ago when she was involved in a host-training program and was referred to me for info on same in another forum. We became such instant friends that I suspect we were cohorts in at least one prior lifetime! When my sister's wedding was held near where Jo lived, we got together, her cat fell in love with my cleavage, and the rest was history. When she and her hubby decided to move away from the frigid North, they moved to my area and we've been neighbors ever since.


Luvbarbaro said...

Congrats Jo!! You are an excellent writer, I think you should write a book, you have so much knowledge and experience with animals, particularly horses and of course those gorgeous cats of yours! :>)

Love U,

Janet Roper said...

You rock, Jo! Kudos on the wonderful, informative and fun blog you've created!

Mrs Mom said...

Glad you enjoyed the award, Jo!

You surely do deserve it! Looks great there BTW! ;)

Do I have people I know from online? Wellll........You could say that. I originally met my Dear Husband online. Six years later, here we are, happy as can be, and more devoted than ever. ;)

annie! said...

have i met any of my online friends? ooooh yes! i've met about 50 of the people i have known online over the 12 + years i have been on aol.

and of course -- the best success story -- i met my beloved husband of 8 years online. :::::smile:::::

before i forget -- congrats on your reward. you most DEFINITELY deserve it!!!