Thursday, May 22, 2008

Raven's First Shoes: Designer Brand?

getting shoes

My friend Kim truly believes in taking her time to develop a solid partnership and a trusting relationship with her horses.

Her mare, Raven, who is getting her very first set of the equine equivalent of Emilio Pucci's, was allowed to go barefooted as long as possible to allow for her feet to grow in really well.

Kim told me that she began Raven's training between the age of three and four years old. Since Raven was only ridden on ground with few rocks and also in a huge arena, Kim saw no need for rushing the process.

Choosing an excellent farrier is one of the most important aspects of horse care. I just loved this photograph that arrived in my mailbox last night.

But I wonder if horse shoes really carry good luck! What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know.


Vicki said...

Finding a good farrier and keeping one is quite difficult. Many of them do not keep appointments, don't call, and just disappear off of the face of the earth. If you find a reputable farrier you have hit the jackpot!

Anonymous said...

Horse shoes do bring good luck! I consider myself lucky every day that I wake up and am blessed with our four Quarter Horses presence in my life! Thanks be to God, I am indeed a lucky lady!~rc~

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! And we did hit the jackpot with the farrier we have. He doesn't drink on the job, shows up on time, does an excellent job and caters to my babies needs! Another...THANKS BE TO GOD! ~RC~