Thursday, May 29, 2008

CatwomanCatera: A Serious Animal Lover

It is always a delight for me to meet an animal lover in real life or on via the Internet. CatwomanCatera may only be a screen name to me, but I have found over the years that I have known her, that this lady is a true protector of homeless pets who have miraculously "found" her and who wiggled their way into her heart.

Always willing to foster those in need of re-homing, CatwomanCatera does a stellar job in helping them to find forever homes with those she trusts. If she cannot re-home them, she makes a commitment to them by making them part of her own family.


Take Pei Pei, for example. An abandoned tiny mixed breed Shar-pei/ Pit Bull , CatwomanCatera worked tirelessly to adopt her. To learn the entire story, read the article on Animal Hubbub which I wrote 10 months ago. Pei Pei  is now almost a year old, and has matured into a beautiful, happy dog with the tender loving care which she received.

Pei Pei

Recently, a friend of CatwomanCatera's family, whose youngster insisted on pulling on the ears and poking the eyes of  this seven year-old Boston Terrier named Bubbles, gave the dog to Catwoman for safety's sake. Bubbles is now being fostered by CatwomanCatera who hopes that she will be able to return to her original home in the future.  However,I know that this adorable pooch will never have to worry about having a loving family who will dote on her.


I saved the  "awww factor" for the end of the story. According to  CatwomanCatera who lives with her family on 1/2 acre of land,  "they have seen their fair share of everything that hops, scurries and digs". About a month ago she discovered that a momma bunny decided to make her nest in their back yard.

One of the babies accidently got separated from its mother. Catwoman snatched him up to save him from her cats. Naming him Mika, after the singer, Mika, she described the baby bunny as quite the talker. She fostered the little one to save his life.


Now that is a serious "awww", don't you think? My hat is off to CatwomanCatera for all she does to help animals. Let's give her a round of apaws by leaving a supportive comment.


Vicki said...

Kudos to this wonderful lady. I know it must take a lot of time and expenses to care for so many animals. It is so heartwarming to read of a special person like this one.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like a person who helps 'others'. This world needs more caretakers for God's creatures! Thanks for all that you do to help these special kids! ~rc~

lj (%) said...

I can relate! Good to know that someone else takes the custodonianship of animals as seriously as I do. I think that God put us all here to be stewards of his precious creatures and all should be so mindful of what our jobs are where animals are concerned!! Thanks for all you do for the critters!!

annie! said...

this is a wonderful article about a wonderful woman! i hope that it gets a LOT of exposure!!!

as i have mentioned in the past, my good friend michele also fosters animals -- cats and dogs.

the people who do this are truly aweome individuals!!!