Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Brown: Does the Shoe Fit?

Photo by Bob Mayberger

We all hoped that Big Brown would capture the Triple Crown and end the long and frustrating 30 year draught with no winner. When he "ran out of gas" during the Belmont Stakes, the last leg of the prestious series, speculation was rampant. What stopped him from losing the only race in his racing career to that point in time? Was it the hot weather? Was it related to the lay off in exercise as he recovered from yet another problem with his hoof? Was it that he was boxed in or that he had been bumped by another horse? Why was he pulled up and just allowed to gallop at his leisure across the finish line with a very disappointing last place finish?

While this may be old news for some horse racing fans, I was totally blown away when I discovered, while surfing the 'net this morning, what may actually be the real story and what may have caused this major upset.

Michael Iavorone, co-president of IEAH Stables, thinks that he has discovered what really happened on that sultry, hot afternoon. Free-lance photographer, Bob Mayberger took a revealing photograph which clearly shows a nail sticking straight up Big Brown's right hind hoof. Iavorone suspects that the shoe was hit by another horse's hoof early on in the race, which meant that Big Brown ran 1 1/4 miles with a "dislodged shoe and the nail sticking out."
Another photograph revealed that Guadalcanal's left hind foot stepped on Big Brown's right hind as the horses made contact.

This certainly seems to be a rather compelling cause for Big Brown's disappointing performance, that day, which as far as I am concerned, trumps any controverial explanations offered after the race.

As far as I am concerned, I wonder if the shoe became loose after Big Brown kicked the stall wall shortly after his move into the secure area stall. He sure didn't seem happy there at all. But that is only a speculation on my part, and one that I suspect will never be validated.

Do you think that the loose shoe explanation is sound? Does it help to dispel nasty rumors? Leave a comment and let us know how you feel.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Silent Sunday On Frequently Feline: Bengal Bath Time

Mithril, the Bengal cat tests the waters and finds them to his liking. He's anF2 Bengal male. Dash to the splash and watch ladyjeshra's fun video.

This debunks the old-wive's-tale that cats don't like water, don't you agree?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Functional Horse Duds: Keeping the Flies Away

Keeping up with the latest fashions is important to some folks. As far as I am concerned, I could care less. I prefer to be comfortable and wear clothing that is functional and of course, attractive.

Some horse servants I know however, enjoy "dressing"up their equine pals in fancy duds. While this little "ditty" may seem to be a bit unusual, it sure helps to keep those pesky flies out of Raven's eyes. I kind of think that the plaid pattern is rather chic!

Now, if they could design something a little more flashy and alluring for human use, perhaps we could keep mosquitoes from attacking us and at the same time be in vogue.

What do you think of this "fly mask" design? Leave a comment and let us know.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Owen

One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is "networking". I am fascinated by other people's blogs. It is so much fun to discover cat lovers who are passionate about their felines. I occasionally enjoy "pimping" fine fotographs.

I just fell in love with this striking black and white Ragamuffin cat named Owen. His enchanting blog shows off his intelligence and creativity, as well as his good taste. Based on these factors, I was compelled to bestow the title of "Pet of the Week" on Owen.

I get the feeling that he may be hanging out waiting for a trickle of fresh water to enjoy, but on the other paw, I suspect that he has probably tuned into his favorite radio station to listen to classical music. He loves to be "in sink" with with Stravinsky or Strauss.

Isn't he delightful? Leave a comment of conCATulations for Owen and do visit his Ragamuffin Owen's Adventures Blog.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Cat Tower: A Fabulous Feline Film

I really think that there should be an Oscar awarded for the most creative cat video.

"The Cat Tower," a mini-movie produced and directed by thecatdiaries, made my morning a lot brighter. I am sure that this one would certainly be in contention for the prestigious win.

When I run across an amazing cat video, my first reaction is to share it with other felineophiles. This high action adventure is filled with humor, drama and tension inspired by an obvious passion for cats.

So please put your feet up on your desk, grab that cup of coffee or other favorite beverage and spend a few minutes in delight. I give it a four-paws up.

Now wasn't that a worthwhile way to spend some serious feline oriented moments? Leave a comment once you stop saying "awwwww."

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Veterinary Medicine Is Working: Trouble Update

Just to keep everyone up to date, I am happy to announce that through the miracles of modern medicine, Trouble is feeling ever so much better. Brother Hush Puppy still takes care of him like a mother hen. It is delightful to watch those two together.

Trouble's appetite has returned and happily he is enjoying the venison cat food. He even scarfed down a can of the hypoallergenic duck cat food today. He is off Reglan and is receiving Pepcid AC, 2.5 mg a day and a shot of Vitamin B-12 twice a week.

I am also thrilled that he is far less anxious. He no longer roams around the house yowling.

While he remains "banished" from the bedroom since still don't yet trust that he won't begin to spray again. We will give it another few weeks and then experiment. Both he and is brother Hush Puppy really do want "in."

A friend also suggested that we consider re-naming him. She thinks that a name beginning with an "H" is what he wants.

So if you have any name ideas, please leave a comment and let us know.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Breaking News: Meet Oscar the Shih Tzu

I think my friend Vicki has just struck it rich, welcoming her new Shih Tzu puppy, Oscar into her heart and home.

This little guy recently joines Vicki's household. Being smart as a whip, he knows which side of his dog bone is buttered. A sturdy, bouncy extrovery, he will steal everyone's heart. Matching Vicki's personality, the breed is known for their upbeat attitude and love of playtime. He will fit right in with his propensity to be a loving, affectionate and great family dog.

However, this being said, they are also known to be somewhat stubborn at times.

Shih Tzus thrive on affection and want to be the center of attention. He sure will get plenty of that for sure!

I can't wait to get some photos of Elli Mae, Vicki's St. Bernard, playing with Oscar.
I think he looks JUST like an "Oscar", don't you?

Leave a message for Vicki and Oscar, congratulating them on the start of a long and happy journey in life.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Dog Days are Upon Us!

With the dog days of summer stretching out ahead of us, I thought that this charming photo of two adorable 6 month-old Vizla puppies, snapped by the talented animal photographer Jim Arnold, was quite fetching.

Dogs are incredibly smart, aren't they? Learning to carry their very own water bottle is a great strategy to not only carry their own supply but also to remind their fur mom or dad, that a refreshing drink is always a delight.

Wouldn't you just love to roll around on the grass with these two spirited pups? I know I would.

Either way, leave a comment and share.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline: You Write the Caption

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.I know this cat is sending a wordless message!

Put words into his mouth and leave a caption!

Silent Sunday: You Write the Caption!

A picture is worth a thousand words! What is this kitty thinking about?

Take a moment to feel into this cat's mind and leave a comment with a caption.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Horse is Home From Hospital: Way to go, Casper!

When a beloved companion animal become ill, or is injured , our hearts are heavy, as it fills with worry and concern.

Our hearts are uplifted as they start to recover. If they have been hospitalized, when they are released, a great burden is lifted from our shoulders. We may continue to remain guarded as we wait for a full recovery, but having them home once again is such a relief.

Today my heart is brighter. When I heard that Casper, my friend Vicki's horse, who had been recently hospitalized for several days is now on the mend. He was spung from the horsepital yesterday morning. I know that Vicki must be thrilled as well and so relieved to have him back home and available for much loving.

Casper will be receiving what I suspect will be some pretty fancy shoes. I wonder if they will be saddle shoes with wings and tips? Ok so I had to make a pun. I am overjoyed!

All our well wishes go out to Vicki and to Casper for a swift and total recovery. I know you will want to join me in sending them special messages of cheer by leaving a comment!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: It's too Hot!

Kim's horse, Bam, makes a lot of sense, don't you think?

Bam is making it perfectly clear that it is far too hot for Kim to go riding, don't you agree?

Since Bam is both beautiful and communicates well through equine sign language, we think she deserves the "Pet of the Week." award!

Let's congratulate Kim and Bam for this presigious award, and leave a comment for them!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Selling Baby Tigers? Will The Foiled Seller Wear Stripes Too?

"Hear, hear" for happy endings to stories related to any potential animal abuse!

A Calvert, Texas woman was arrested in a Wal-Mart parking lot, charged for the alleged sales of six baby Bengal tiger cubs, this past Sunday. Released on a $5000.00 bond, she faces charges of wildlife violations, and concerns about no permits to transport the animals. The woman, allegedly is the co-owner of the Spring Hill Wildlife Ranch outside Calvert. Police reports claim that these cubs were to be illegally smuggled into Mexico.

Authorities found four white tiger cubs and two orange tiger cubs in pet carriers in the parking lot. According to an Action 4 News TV program, white tiger cubs can be sold for $5.000 while the orange cubs could sell for $900.00

The tiger cubs are healthy and range in age between 2 to 10 weeks old. They have been placed at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville by the Federal Wildlife authorities and are safe and sound.

I don't know about you, but when I hear about people who are out to make a buck from any sales of our endangered species, it gets my blood boiling. These cats need to be protected and treasured.

Watch this charming video of a 4-5 week old Sumatran Tiger Cub female at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle who is living happily at their nursery.

Now if that doesn't get you to awww and ewwwwww I will be very surprised.

Isn't she adorable? Leave a comment and let us know.

Our Cat Trouble's Troubles Continue!

Hey, if it isn't one thing, it's another!

Just as I thought that Trouble was all over his tummy bug, once again he started to live up to his name. I really do have to change it . . . don't I? It seems that it has a curse attached to it. sigh...

Trouble woke me up early yesterday morning, heaving and wretching. I jumped out of bed to find out what was wrong and if I could help. He was agitated and quite unhappy, which of course made me miserable as well. I felt so frustrated.

He wretched several more times, and when 7:30 AM rolled around, you can bet I was on the phone with my vet's office. She has some amazing techs, I have to say. One of the techs arrived at my door within 30 minutes, and Trouble was wisked away for care.

Several hours later, my veterinarian called. She felt that this bout of vomiting had nothing to do with that awful bug from which he had recovered. Suspecting that he may have food allergies, or IBD, she is now treating him for both.

We began the new treatment protocol this morning. Thankfully he loves the new hypoallergenic cat food. Heck, if he stops eating it, I may have to find a way to serve it up on crackers as an appetizer.

With the cost of this venison based diet, we may find ourselves in the poor house, afterall. But nothing is too good for my kitties. We may have to start eating more hot dogs..pun intended.

So please do leave comments of glow for this little white fluffy kid. Both of us are in need, to be honest.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Endangered Horse Species: Reverse Vasectomy

AP Photo/National Zoo, Ann Batdorf

Yesterday, while going through my roadrunner email, I saw an article on their website that caught my eye. It was strange seeing a horse featured on their news page, so I had to follow it, of course. So rather than re-write it, I am sharing it here just the way it was presented on their main page.

I think it is incredible what veterinarians are learning and how important this new development in veterinary care will help to contribute not only to endangered horse species, but has great potential for other horses, and, of course, many other animals.

Dated: June 16, 2008

Scientists at the National Zoo say they have reversed a vasectomy on an endangered horse _ the first known operation of its kind on an endangered species.

Veterinarians revealed Monday that they successfully performed the procedure on the horse to allow it to reproduce naturally. The surgery was performed in October 2007 on a Przewalski horse named Minnesota. The horses are native to China and Mongolia.
Luis Padilla, the zoo veterinarian who performed the surgery, says the procedure was a first for this species and likely for any endangered species. The team worked with St. Louis urologist Dr. Sherman Silber, who pioneered the technique in humans.

This photograph released by the Smithsonian's National Zoo shows a Przewalski horse named ''Minnesota'' at the Smithsonian's National Zoo grazing in his yard on July 2, 2005. Recently, veterinarians at the National Zoo performed a successful reverse vasectomy on the animal - the first procedure of its kind to be performed on an endangered species.

The ''temporary vasectomy'' could have a significant impact on how animals are managed in captivity by giving zookeepers a way to control the animal's offspring without having to neuter them.

To read more about it, visit: Reverse Vasectomy on rare breed horse

Isn't this exciting? Can you think of other uses for this procedure to help animal management?
Leave a comment with your suggestions.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Meowsy Monday Morning!

Since yesterday's Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline was NOT so silent, I thought I would back track and post a charming photo to ring in the new week.

Sent to me by a dear friend, I was enchanted . . . and hope that you all will be, as well.

This little kitty sure looks busy as she begins the new day!

Have a purr-fect week ahead!

Now didn't that make up for yesterday? Please leave a comment and let me know.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not So SILENT Sunday! Meet the Lergnom Dog

I generally am not a superstitious person, but I highly subscribe to the theory that there are "no accidents". Things happen for a reason, if we take the time to quiet ourselves and allow our thoughts to just flow.. often an answer will come to us.

Some of you may know that I was a contracted blogger for Animal Hubbub on AOL for almost a year. The site basically has shut down for now, but I still receive comments from folks who continue to visit the site. Animal Hubbub is still a presence on the Internet, although no new material has been published.

This morning I received a lovely comment about an Andalusion Stallion article that I had written, last December. The comment contained a link to what the commentor claimed to be his website. Being curious, but cautious, I googled it manually. I am so glad I followed my heart.

OK, I am a Jamaicaphile. If I could afford to live there, I would move in a heartbeat. I am completely enchanted by the Island, its residents and the whole culture. Whenever I have visited, I feel just like I have come home. I always enjoy good Reggae music.. it touches my soul somehow. Maybe I was a citizen of the Country in a previous lifetime.

So what does this have to do with animals? I had to search for news about pets in Jamaica as I felt I was on a journey. This comment did not just randomly arrive in my mailbox.

Did you know that Jamaica has a competitive dogsled team? The team, named Sun Dogs practice off the Island in areas that have snow, but most of their training is done on regular ground.

The team are passionate competitors! The dogs that compete are mostly an exotic breed called Lergnom. Guess what? That is Mongrel spelled backwards. Known for their strength, hardiness and survival skills - the Lergnom of Jamaica has proven to be perfectly suited for international dogsledding. A Jamaican Lergnom can and does live under some of the toughest conditions. The Jamaicans believe that their native dogs and cats too have adopted the Jamaican psyche of surviving under tough conditions.

If you are drawn to Jamaica I have two special treats for you this morning. Watch this fascinating video by BlingRhames, and visit The Bob Marley Website. When the music stops refresh the page and you will be able to hear more of Bob Marley's fabulous music.

From the sun-kissed beaches of Jamaica and tropical paradise comes a story of second chances.
Rescued from the mean streets and animal shelters, 12 stray dogs are trained to the stars of Jamaica's first dog sled racing team.
Were you surprised to learn about the Jamaican Dog Sled team, and did you enjoy the concert? Leave a comment to let us know.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let's Party: Celebrate our Cats' Recovery!

Now that our cats are recovering nicely, eating and playing again, my husband and I once again are in a good mood and want to share our joy!

A celebration is called for with this good news, don't you think? . .

Without further ado, let's party hearty! Pork Chop, The Mexican "Cat" Dancer, from OOprincegomolvilasOO, sets the stage for a happy dance! You are all invited to join in!
Wasn't that fun? Leave a comment and play with us!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Stretch

Stretch, a three year-old Dachshund has at least a couple of angels watching over him. Seriously injured jumping off a bed, he was paralyzed from his mid section down to his hind legs Even though he is unable to walk, with his courage and "can do" attitude, this doesn't let this get him down. He manages to get around quite well, crawling all over the place and, in fact can even be difficult to catch at times.

These angels arrived in the form of Jeanna and Chuck, who discovered him while checking out the Pet Finder web site. They immediately contacted Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital located in DeLand, Florida where he was hospitalized and awaiting a loving and forever home. He had become somewhat testy from being caged and even though the staff lavished him with affection, it was not the same as being under the care of a loving family.

Jeanna and Chuck eagerly drove the long distance from their home in North West Florida to meet him. Introductions were hardly necessary. It was love at first sight for both Stretch and his soon to be adoptive "fur parents". As far as I am concerned, Stretch was radiating vibes out on the Internet so they could find him so miraculously.
Stretch has his very own cart- limousine which he occasionally uses. He is kept in a diaper since he is incontinent, but that doesn't phaze him either.
Jeanna and Chuck feel blessed by this addition to their menagerie of pets. He is now number 6 in their family of dogs who are protective and gentle with him.

So I add Stretch to the selected special group of pets honored with my "Pet of the Week" award.
Let's congratulate Stretch and his new family by leaving a comment for them.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dog Days of Summer Upon Us Already

According to the calendar, Summer remains 9 days away, but here in Central Florida it already feels like the "dog days".

And since they say that a picture is worth more than a thousand words, it must be that Karma the Pit Bull, the lead weather reporting canine is preparing for the evening forecast to be aired on her local television station, tonight. Her agent, Laurentha is very proud of her.

I think that our pets make excellent barometers, don't you? Leave a comment with your input, but no commercials, please!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Changing Horses in Mid-Stream? I Sure Hope Not

photo by: Chang W. Lee

I am just a "tad" confused and upset after reading an article in the "New York Times", this morning.

Apparently Rick Dutrow, Big Brown's trainer, is changing his tune, and I am not happy about the song he is singing.

After extolling the virtues of Kent Desormeaux's handling of the colt at the Belmont this past Saturday, he is now blaming him for "unnecessarily restraining him" in the early part of the Belmont Stakes. Dutrow is now looking into the possibility of changing jockeys.

And while Kent Desormeaux used the same strategy for the Belmont that he used for Big Brown's victory at the Preakness, Rick Dutrow is now complaining.

I don't get it. . . and I wonder if any of us ever will. The reasons for Big Brown's failure to capture the crown may never be known. With the horrendous heat, his recovery layoff, or his upset in his security stall, all of these factors may have contributed to the colt being off his game. But I cannot understand Dutrow's turnabout, nor his attitude toward Desormeaux who may have prevented Big Brown from having a tragic accident.

Excerpted from the New York Times' article: Desormeaux’s job seemed to be in jeopardy when Big Brown’s trainer, Rick Dutrow, pinned the Belmont loss on him, claiming on Monday that he had unnecessarily restrained Big Brown in the early part of the Belmont Stakes. Dutrow did not back off his criticism Tuesday and said he would look at changing jockeys.

Dutrow said, “If it were up to me, I would seriously consider it,” Dutrow said. “But Kent was never my pick to begin with. That was Mike Iavarone’s move. My pick was always Edgar Prado. Edgar’s my man.”

By the way, even though Dutrow refuted not giving the scheduled shot of the anabolic steroid Winstrol in May, as a reason for the Belmont loss, he said that the colt would receive a dose of Wistrol on Sunday, the 15th day of the month, according to schedule.

According to the New York Times, Dutrow was unavailable for comment on Tuesday.

Uh... Mr.Dutrow.. aren't you tempting the fickle finger of fate?

What are your feelings about this situation? Leave a comment and let us know.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Cats Have a Stomach Flu: I Need a Nap!

I couldn't let a day go by without posting something to my blog. I have been busy as a 16- legged octopus with two sick kitties. Trouble came down with a tummy flu last week, followed by his big brother, Hush Puppy's bout with the illness.

I am happy to report that Trouble is in the process of recovery, but Hush Puppy is still suffering the effects. He has no appetite and is not his usual cheerful self.
So I apologize for the brevity of this entry, but I didn't want to give the impression that we had fallen off the edge of the planet.
How do you handle your pet's illness? Do you get stressed out as well? Leave a comment and let us know.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Doggie Delight: The Pug With Penache

Jim Arnold, photographer extraordinaire, sends me the most wonderful pictures from time to time. I have been meaning to share this one with my readers for awhile now.

Today offered the best opportunity for a change of pace, and for you dog lovers out there, a special treat.

Jim wrote, "This little pug was patrolling the arena grounds at the Nueces Canyon Ranch in the Brenham, TX area. I do not know his name, but was told he was a pet of an employee and was the unofficial mascot of the ranch."

For a special treat and some fantastic eye candy, visit his website and his fascinating blog, Jim Arnold .

This attractive Pug has a lot of macho going for him, don't you agree? Let's hear from you with a comment.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Silent Sunday on Frequently Feline: Elusive Triple Crown Continues.

Photo by Richard Drew/AP

There is little for me to add about yesterday's disappointing 134th Belmont Stakes finish, as so many articles have already been written.

Once again with the final win of the triple crown denied, the challenging and elusive triple crown victory will have to be captured, hopefully by the next horse who wins both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes.

Like millions of other horse lovers, I too was shocked and disappointed. My heart goes out to Big Brown's jockey, Kent Desormeaux and to all of Big Brown's connections. I thought that Mr. Desormeaux showed excellent sportsmanship and love for the horse in the way he handled the situation once he realized that that Big Brown was "out of gas", choosing the safety of the horse over his huge desire to win, he allowed the colt gallop at his own pace, finishing last in a field of 9 horses.

A great deal of speculation exists about the reasons for the upset, but I do hope that the facts will be revealed in the near future. Of course Horse racing is a risky business, but learning how to keep the horses safer is a top priority over a win if the sport of kings is to get a new breath of life.

What were your reactions at the end of the race? Leave a comment and share.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Triple Crown: Will Big Brown Grab The 3rd Jewel?

Today is the BIG day! My heart is beating so hard in anticipation that I can hardly contain myself.

As all horse racing fans know, Big Brown, decked out in his special Yasha shoes, has galloped his way for the opportunity to finally end the drought of the elusive and prestigious Triple Crown victory. Since 1977, 11 horses have won the Kentucky Derby and The Preakness Stakes but the final one, the longest and most challenging of the three races,The Belmont stakes, has eluded that final glory. Not since Affirmed claimed the title in 1978 has a horse been able to put that final jewel in the triple crown.

So can Big Brown do the job?

Rick Ditrow, Big Brown's trainer, sure thinks so. He has great hopes for this colt and since Big Brown has the number 1 post position it gives him a major advantage. His jockey, Kent Desormeaux is also confident that Big Brown will put on a spectacular performance. At the time of publishing, the undefeated colt's odds remain 2-5 for the running of the 10- horse field for the 140th Belmont Stakes.

While I don't bet on horse racing, I put my "virtual" money on Big Brown. Let's also say prayers for the safety of these talented horses, and their jockeys. Let this day be perfect in every way.

What are your thoughts about the Triple Crown win today? Leave a comment and share!

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Kissing Cousins?

This smooch planted Raven's schnozzola which puts Jimmy Durante's to shame, inspired me to feature Kim's beautiful mare. This equine just loves to be kissed and fussed over. Kim, of course totally enjoys the process as well, doting on her as frequently as possible.

So lets congratulate Raven for her "Pet of the Week" award by leaving a comment for Kim. She will be happy to pass the messages on to this charming filly.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Mysterious Sneezing Panda

I am in awe of Pandas. Such amazing creatures who are so mysterious and unique. Their dietary requirements are so specialized that they are extremely vulnerable to climate changes and their environment.

A friend sent me an interesting video of a Panda sneezing. It seemed so bizarre to me that I had to share it. I really wonder what brought on this behavior. What do you think?

If you have any information or know what prompted this, please let us know in a comment.

Your Purr-fect Match: Feline-Ality?

Ok, all you cat lovers out there! I am interested in what qualities attracted you to your cat.. or if your cat found you. If you actually purr-chased a kitty, did you choose your cat based on their looks of for their "feline-ality"?

This little gem of a web site sent to me the other day by good buddy Kasparcat is an interesting and amusing way to spend some time time learning more about "feline-ality" and what to look for to find your purr-fect feline match. Of course I know that you already have found one... or have you? My two Oriental Shorthairs are definitely "love bugs."
After you finish reading their clever descriptions, please share your results by leaving a comment.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kitten Caption Needed


1 surrender

Occasionally I am sent  a photograph that is so adorable that I feel compelled to share it on my blog. Sent in by DBDustbuny, this one put a huge smile on my face this morning.

Of course being "caption" oriented, I thought it would be be fun to ask my readers to comment with a caption about what this little kitten might be saying.

What do you think? Leave a comment and give us all a chuckle.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Celebration of Barbaro's Life: Save the Date/Make Reservations


The Celebration of Barbaro's Life is being held this year during one of the most prestigious racing weekends, at Delaware Park. July 12-13. Outstanding trainers, jockeys and owners will be in attendance, along with the "best of the best" race horses.

The Barbaro Stakes will be held  that day with Roy and Gretchen Jackson, of Lael Stable, (Barbaro's owners and breeders)  to present their trophy to the winner and jockey.

Last year, when the Barbaro Stakes race was getting ready to start, Sharon, the tireless lady who organized the event, noticed a show of fancy hats in honor of Barbaro. This tradition will be preserved and Fans of Barbaro  will be sporting their own hats. Many of the FOBs are getting quite creative with their fancy hats. Last year this celebration was held on Barbaro's birthday. See the wonderful slide show and get a peek at some of the fabulous hats worn,  which were featured on Animal Hubbub


Sharon, who is also organizing the 2008 event announces but some of these fabulous events scheduled for the 2008 celebration:

The July 2008 festivities will be filled with a wide variety of exciting events both in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Starting Friday night, July 11, in Kennett Square,Pennsylvania,  a music/Cajun festival will be held at 7:30 PM. Loads of FOBs will be attending. An artist will be present with his painting titled "Simply the Best". While not a Barbaro painting, ironically that is the phrase that has been chosen as the theme for Barbaro's Celebratory weekend.

Saturday, July 12, folks will be meeting at 7:30 AM to watch the horses breeze at the Fair Hill Training Center. Then off for a FOB horseback ride at Fair Hill. A picnic lunch will be held at Fair Hill then returning to Fairhill Training Center for a tour of the facility. FOB Sue Pizzini has invited the FOBs back to her home to spend some time with her Nokota horses.

Saturday night, the fundraiser begins at 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM at Timothy's in Newark, DE. There will be many interesting items up for auction, including paintings of Barbaro and Windchill. A surprise painting will be unveiled that is sure to touch each person's heart. At Sharon's request and with  the help of Moose,(Laminitis survivor) and paint  using the colors of  Lael Farm, (Barbaro's breeders) , Moose made a masterpiece which will be raffled off. 


All the horses at Tierra Madre Sanctuary of AZ put their work to canvas. That unique painting will be presented to the Jacksons in honor of Barbaro. All proceeds from the fund raiser will be divided between the Laminitis Fund at New Bolton, and Thoroughbred Horse Charities.

Sharon will be selling 132 Kentucky Derby Barbaro shirts and hats. Each item is $8.00, with $6.00 of that earmarked to be donated to the horse rescue of your choice and a Wiki page at Alex Brown Racing Forum.

The Celebration of Barbaro's Life will begin at noon in the Grove at Delaware racetrack. Admission and parking at the track is free. The beautiful grove is where the paddock is located, so you will always have either race horses or the lead ponies around you who would be more than delighted to be petted and offered horse treats. So bring those carrots and apples with you.

The number of folks who will be able to be fed at the Del park event  is limited to 300 all day eat and drink BBQ. Additional food options include bringing your own or taking advantage of the a la carte BBQ in the Grove.

Regardless of your food choice, you are permitted to be in the white party tent. The cost for  All day eat and drink BBQ is  $37.00 per adult, plus $5.00 per person for party supplies.  The cost for food for children under 12 is  $20.50 per child.

With so many things happening, it is indeed difficult to cover all of them. Del Park will not permit us to have a sound system due to the caliber of horses that will be racing on this day.

Bring your wallets! Many vendors will be attending as will representatives of several horse rescue organizations. There will be lots of fabulous things available for sale. Many of the FOBs also will be displaying their works.

ESPN will be broadcasting live for the entire day of racing. There will be celebrities in attendance as well as a crowd of over 20 thousand people.

Contact Sharon at:  for information and to make reservations.

Read more about this event by visiting the Bloodhorse Web site, which has featured the event.

Are you planning to attend this stellar event? Leave a comment and let us know. Some folks may wish to join you!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Silent Sunday: Do You Speak Feline?

Hush Puppy and Trouble discover a Cat instruction guide. 

Cats frequently chatter between themselves about intriguing objects. I often am curious about their thoughts and opinions. It just takes a lot of patience and intuitive skills to translate a feline discussion.

Obviously these two kitties in the video below, are involved in a major discussion about something that has caught their eye. TheCatsPyjaaaamas gives us the  purrfect opportunity to eaves drop on a serious conversation between two cats.

We are all  very interested in your translation of the conversation between these two "chatty cats". Leave a comment and share with us.