Friday, June 13, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Stretch

Stretch, a three year-old Dachshund has at least a couple of angels watching over him. Seriously injured jumping off a bed, he was paralyzed from his mid section down to his hind legs Even though he is unable to walk, with his courage and "can do" attitude, this doesn't let this get him down. He manages to get around quite well, crawling all over the place and, in fact can even be difficult to catch at times.

These angels arrived in the form of Jeanna and Chuck, who discovered him while checking out the Pet Finder web site. They immediately contacted Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital located in DeLand, Florida where he was hospitalized and awaiting a loving and forever home. He had become somewhat testy from being caged and even though the staff lavished him with affection, it was not the same as being under the care of a loving family.

Jeanna and Chuck eagerly drove the long distance from their home in North West Florida to meet him. Introductions were hardly necessary. It was love at first sight for both Stretch and his soon to be adoptive "fur parents". As far as I am concerned, Stretch was radiating vibes out on the Internet so they could find him so miraculously.
Stretch has his very own cart- limousine which he occasionally uses. He is kept in a diaper since he is incontinent, but that doesn't phaze him either.
Jeanna and Chuck feel blessed by this addition to their menagerie of pets. He is now number 6 in their family of dogs who are protective and gentle with him.

So I add Stretch to the selected special group of pets honored with my "Pet of the Week" award.
Let's congratulate Stretch and his new family by leaving a comment for them.


Sheila said...

What a great and caring family. I am glad that Stretch got his second chance with such loving people. I watched a special not too long ago about this man who makes the carts for all sorts of animals, even a few very large ones, that have mobility issues. Continued best wishes for all.

Anonymous said...

I have a co-worker whose dachshund, Toby, injured his back about 2 years ago, just before Christmas. He was rushed to North Carolina State Vet School for a hemilaminectomy. Unfortunately, the surgery did not restore him to health, and he is paralyzed in his rear.

He has a wonderful humom who got him a wheelchair in which he gets around like a 4-legged dog. His humom takes him everywhere with her, brings him to work every day, manually expresses his bladder and colon. We all love this little guy.

Incidentally, in the midst of Toby's ordeal, his humom gave birth to a little boy, so her job is doubly stressful, but she handles it like a champ. Hats off to the people who care for these little guys.


Anonymous said...

Teary beautiful.


pamie said...

Nothing is greater than love. It is so wonderful to hear about this special family whose heart has no bounds.

Stretch's family are angels. Where others saw problems and dispair, they saw a chance to love like

Thank you to Stretch's family for their generosity of spirit and their undeniable love for such an adorable pet.

Vicki said...

I am so glad Stretch found these loving people who love him and are willing to care for him. It is often difficult to find people who ae willing to care for a special needs pet. They must be very special people, and I admire them so much.

Nancy said...

What a wonderful, heartwarming story!!! "Stretch" is adorable and a very lucky little fella to have found such loving parents!!! Very few people are interested in adopting a special needs pets. God bless this wonderful couple! And may God bless little
"Stretch", too!

Chris said...

My husband and I met Jeanna and Chuck on a cruise ship, sitting next to each other at dinner (assigned seating). We have never had an ongoing friendship with people we have met while traveling (usually too boring or pretentious), but these two are so unique and truly friendly we have kept up with each other for the past two years. They give of themselves and in giving, especially through the dogs they have brought into their home, they have received such enjoyment and unconditional love. Stretch is so lucky to be with Jeanna and Chuck, and we are lucky to enjoy their friendship.

annie! said...

stretch is soooo adorable! this is a GREAT article! thank you jo.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for Stretch! This family is indeed blessed!

Clarissa said...

It is so wonderful to know people do exist that care so much! Thank you so much for adopting little Stretch. He is truly an amazing little dog! God Bless you Jeanna and Chuck, you are two very amazing and special people! The pets of the world are truly blessed when becoming part of your loving family! God Bless Stretch! Please keep us posted as to his well being. Thank you!