Friday, June 27, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Owen

One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is "networking". I am fascinated by other people's blogs. It is so much fun to discover cat lovers who are passionate about their felines. I occasionally enjoy "pimping" fine fotographs.

I just fell in love with this striking black and white Ragamuffin cat named Owen. His enchanting blog shows off his intelligence and creativity, as well as his good taste. Based on these factors, I was compelled to bestow the title of "Pet of the Week" on Owen.

I get the feeling that he may be hanging out waiting for a trickle of fresh water to enjoy, but on the other paw, I suspect that he has probably tuned into his favorite radio station to listen to classical music. He loves to be "in sink" with with Stravinsky or Strauss.

Isn't he delightful? Leave a comment of conCATulations for Owen and do visit his Ragamuffin Owen's Adventures Blog.


Mrs Mom said...

He is a Cutie!!

Never heard of Ragamuffin cats before- never would have guessed they were an actual breed... too cool!

Sharon said...

You know what I love about this picture, beside this beautiful feline? This cats pappa removed the sink stopper so he can sit in that bowl without being bothered with the stopper! What cat lovers will do for their beloved!

Vicki said...

What a beautiful cat. I find it most intriguing that he likes the sink. Most cats won't get within 50 feet of any kind of water. I bet if he knew what was right over his head, the sink would be a thing of the past. He is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

"...."in sink" with with Stravinsky or Strauss"--- Need one say more??? I did hear, by the way, that this larger breed hardly sheds, if at all,& that the fur (or is it hair?) feels soft, like that of a rabbit.


Anonymous said...

He's a beauty, that's for sure!

Nancy said...

He sure is a handsome guy!!! I have one that looks almost like him but "Banjo" is of the stray breed. Actually, he is a tuxedo. I love any kind of cat....any breed, or no breed at all. But t his guy is a beautiful boy!!! Looks like he's the boss in that household! LOL

Rani said...

I have a Ragamuffin, and they do indeed have fur that feels more like rabbit than cat fur. They really are the most delightful breed, very laid back, very affectionate, and tend to just sprawl like you see Owen doing here. In the Ragamuffin group I'm in, Owen is far from the only Muffin who curls up in the bathroom sink! Hey, it's just the right size and shape, what do you expect!

Baby does not sleep in the bathroonm sink, but I don't think it's really his size. His favorite place to sleep, and I bet this is true of Owen, too, is in whatever room I am in. He follows me everywhere.

They are related to Ragdolls, including the famous "flop." After the experience of having Baby, I won't have any other breed.


Rani said...

They do shed but they very rarely get matts.