Monday, June 9, 2008

Doggie Delight: The Pug With Penache

Jim Arnold, photographer extraordinaire, sends me the most wonderful pictures from time to time. I have been meaning to share this one with my readers for awhile now.

Today offered the best opportunity for a change of pace, and for you dog lovers out there, a special treat.

Jim wrote, "This little pug was patrolling the arena grounds at the Nueces Canyon Ranch in the Brenham, TX area. I do not know his name, but was told he was a pet of an employee and was the unofficial mascot of the ranch."

For a special treat and some fantastic eye candy, visit his website and his fascinating blog, Jim Arnold .

This attractive Pug has a lot of macho going for him, don't you agree? Let's hear from you with a comment.


Anonymous said...

What a pretty dog. I have visited Jim Arnold's blog and website. I love his horse photos in particular, but he does seem to capture the essence of any animal so beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I envy someone with that much talent. His work on the site is warm and breath taking.

Nancy said...

Now cute can't get any cuter, can it? Absolutey adorable! He looks like he is the bouncer, plus he looks so proud!!! We grew up with all kinds of animals, so I love themall! Cats are my bag, as they can take themselves to the bathroom. I just don't have the time to walk a dog several times a day. But this little pug is a cutie!!!