Sunday, June 29, 2008

Silent Sunday On Frequently Feline: Bengal Bath Time

Mithril, the Bengal cat tests the waters and finds them to his liking. He's anF2 Bengal male. Dash to the splash and watch ladyjeshra's fun video.

This debunks the old-wive's-tale that cats don't like water, don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

Those Bengals are so beautiful...I'd love to have one some day but they're pretty pricey! Nevertheless, one can hope!

Vicki said...

Where the heck do you find all these neat video's? Now this one is something you sure don't see often. Beautiful cat, ummm, in the bath tub!

Sharon said...

My Cat Saki LOVES to take his shower! He just slowly walks around the shower stall while I lather him up and then spray him down....not once but 2 times! Maybe because I rescued him from outside when he was a kitten and he lived in the Florida rain first, he doesnt see water as a threat. He doesnt even budge when it thunders outside.
Cute video!

Joanne said...

That's so cute! Not exactly a golden retriever but close- lol. Emma was in the bathtub the other day after the water went down the drain attacking the bubbles that were left behind! After a lifetime of dogs, cats are always doing something new and unexpected!

Rising Rainbow said...

i have a cat that loves to like the water off the sides of the tub. She would jump into the water like too to get to those droplets of water. Cats are so funny.

Rani said...

Does anyone know if Bengals tend to like water, I am curious,.

Years ago, I got a Turkish Van kitten. OMG, what a funny breed! She was born with her ears full-size and she grew into them, and she didn't just walk, she hopped! So we named her Roo, as in kanga-

The odd thing we noticed right away is that she just loved water. Other cats come running if they hear the food box shaken or the can open, but if you wanted Roo, turn on the water and she'd come. Didn't matter if you were washing dishes or taking a bath, she'd just right in. We lived in an apartment with a pool, but didn't let her go outside. If we had, I am sure she'd've been in the pool every day.

I didn't what kind of cat she was till I looked her up in a cat encyclopedia and darned if she wasn't right there. Same fur, same bone structure, and same propensity for water.