Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Veterinary Medicine Is Working: Trouble Update

Just to keep everyone up to date, I am happy to announce that through the miracles of modern medicine, Trouble is feeling ever so much better. Brother Hush Puppy still takes care of him like a mother hen. It is delightful to watch those two together.

Trouble's appetite has returned and happily he is enjoying the venison cat food. He even scarfed down a can of the hypoallergenic duck cat food today. He is off Reglan and is receiving Pepcid AC, 2.5 mg a day and a shot of Vitamin B-12 twice a week.

I am also thrilled that he is far less anxious. He no longer roams around the house yowling.

While he remains "banished" from the bedroom since still don't yet trust that he won't begin to spray again. We will give it another few weeks and then experiment. Both he and is brother Hush Puppy really do want "in."

A friend also suggested that we consider re-naming him. She thinks that a name beginning with an "H" is what he wants.

So if you have any name ideas, please leave a comment and let us know.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear of kitties healing. An "H" name...Hm....I know cats like their name to end with a long E sound. How about Harry, since he is not. ;-) Or a good strong name, to promote his Hercules.

Love and furry hugs to all!

Anonymous said...

:::::doing a little dance::: I am tickled to hear Trouble is progressing nicely. But after all this time I think it would confuse him if you changed his name. I say keep it Trouble.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that Trouble is so much better! That's wonderful news.

Joanne said...

I am so glad that Trouble is finally feeling better! Maybe a new name would help -lol. He seems to spend a lot of time trying to live up to the one he has!

Vicki said...

I am so glad Trouble is feeling better. What great News! But I think you need to keep his name the same.

RP Cathouse said...

What great news!!!! I am so happy he is doing so much better. It has been a long time getting him to this point.

If you want to rename him I would try first something that is very close to his name now. But the only thing I can come up with is Hubble the one who sees all the shinning stars and far off into the heavens.


Rani said...

How about "Hush Trouble"? Then you can say it when he goes around the house yowling. And he can be Trouble for short. Of course, (Hush) Puppy might protest, but somehow I doubt it.

Sure am glad he's doing better, Jo!


Anonymous said...

YAY! I'm so glad he's getting better. I like "Hubble" too...or "Huggle"...they both sound a lot like "Trouble" so the transition should be easy...just look at Missy Toe...She went from Cleopatra to Tio to ToTo to Toey to Missy Toe. Never missed a beat.

Anonymous said...

Great news! It has been such a long hard ride for all of you. I bet Hush Puppy was lonesome. What is it that these kitties had? A name with an H, eh? Might be a good thought! Enjoy your time back together again! ~rc~

annie! said...

congrats on the hubble/trouble health news.

i think a name change is definitely in order -- maybe his karma will change.

my cats' names have changed over the years. they answer to whatever one moves them at that particular moment in time.

teddy, for example, answers to freddy teddy or teddy freddy. what matters to him the most is that when i call him, he gets picked up and loved.

and tina's name has changed from 'tiny tina with nine inch nails' to 'tina louise' or 'tina lou' -- whatever i happen to choose on that particular day.

the newest feral cat has already gone through a few names -- from hissy to missy to hissy missy and missy hissy.

Judy said...

Wonderful news! And what a relief for you! It's been such a long hard struggle.

Regarding a new name, how about "Bubble?" (Or "Bubbeleh...")

Love, yer cuz

Fran said...

So happy to hear that your furbaby is well again! I see others think the way I do--- Hubbel(le) was a name that came to my mind also.

And, not only is it the name of the telescope (gateway to the stars, etc.), but remember the male lead in "The Way We Were"? The hunky Robert Redford character, Hubbel Gardner? Depends on your taste, of course, but I wouldn't mind having a Hubbel of my own :)
Continued good health,

Anonymous said...

Congrats & cuddles :) Name that "begins with H and ends with long eeee"? Happy!


Anonymous said...

SO glad to hear that Trouble is back to his normal wonderfulness! He's had quite a time of it.