Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Cats Have a Stomach Flu: I Need a Nap!

I couldn't let a day go by without posting something to my blog. I have been busy as a 16- legged octopus with two sick kitties. Trouble came down with a tummy flu last week, followed by his big brother, Hush Puppy's bout with the illness.

I am happy to report that Trouble is in the process of recovery, but Hush Puppy is still suffering the effects. He has no appetite and is not his usual cheerful self.
So I apologize for the brevity of this entry, but I didn't want to give the impression that we had fallen off the edge of the planet.
How do you handle your pet's illness? Do you get stressed out as well? Leave a comment and let us know.


Anonymous said...

Awww......I didnt know kitties can get a tummy flu and spread it aroung like that. I am praying for healing kitties and a rested YOU!
Sending furry love! Sharon

Mrs Mom said...

Holy cow- do I get stressed? Uhhh YEAH! LOL I worry about them like they were one of my two legged kids. I pace, constantly check on them, poke and prod, and they all look at me as if they just WISH I would GO AWAY....

Sure hope that they feel better, and you get a GOOD nap in there!!!

AG said...

Yes I do get stressed when any of my pets are ill.
But I have to say my pets have helped me recover from major cancer surgery. It was nice to have them come up and visit me on my bed while I recovered.
So any time and money I have to spend on my pets is well worth it. They are the joy in my life. They make me laugh and always bring a smile to my face.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, I came home today to two puddles of puke and a hairball in the computer room. THEN I couldn't find Pirate..and of course I thought the worst with his heart condition and all. He looks like he had a pretty rough day...the hairball might have even had a bit of blood in it (or cat food coloring...who knows) but he IS resting comfortably on the master bedroom floor. THANK GOD!

annie! said...

poor kitties that have the flu! please let them know they are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I love them; I feel for them; prayers & cuddles for you and yours. Now that I have been reasonable, I'll go pull my hair out :)


Joanne said...

Poor kitties! I am really new to the feline world and the first time my kitties get sick I will freak! I am much much much more familiar with the canine world and their sicknesses. I have given liquid oral medication to the kitties successfully but have no idea what I would do with a pill. They just better stay healthy.
Here's hoping Troubloe and Puppy wil be 100% really soon.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, how do I handle my pets being ill..?.. First I try to figure out what is wrong. Some times that works out and we can stop there. For those other times it kicks my butt! We had Bam with colic for about 3 days starting 9-11-08. We were tired, hungry and VERY stressed out. Same as when Chester got ill this winter. To see them so ill and not being themselves is a very scary time. Fevers and off of their food is even worse. What we will do to try and get them to eat! Hang strong Jo! Dangest thing I ever heard friend! Your kitties are very lucky to have you to tend their needs. You all get better now! GOD BLESS!

Nancy said...

I feel sorry for your little kitties, and do hope they are feeling better by now.

I have had cats all my life (since age 1) and have never had one with stomach flu. Never heard of it even. Do you think yours could have gotten into a houseplant or something? I had to get rid of all my real plants.

OR they could also have a lodged hairball in the intestinal tract, which can be fatal. To be safe, I would have a vet check them out, as they can die from a lodged hairball. That would cause them to vomit, too. I give mine hairball stuff 3 times a week. They love the malt, which I have been told is also good for settling a cat's stomach. I don't know about that as mine have never been sick.

Right now I have a LOT of cats, most of them trapped and rescued by me. They are all healthy and free of disease, no fleas or intestinal parasites, and are all spayed/neutered.

I have 2 with diabetes, both on insulin shots every 12 hours. Every time the vet increases their dosage, it seems to drop the glucose level too low, and I end up having have to rush the cat to the emergency clinic that same night. They have both about died from this! One was seizuring in the car! I had to keep driving, though. Talk about your heart beating out of your chest!!! And I had to travel 2 different interstates to get there, as it's about 10 miles from my home. But they do a great job there!!!

I am so glad we have this emergency clinic which is open when the vets are all closed, 6pm to 7:30am, including weekends and ALL holidays! Needless to say, I now draw their blood myself and do my own glucose curves on them. I never adjust their insulin more than a half unit at a time, wheras vets will increase it by 1 to 2 full units! These 2 cats are doing great now!

At the present time, I have 33 in my home! Talk about work!!! They keep me busy! I have 12 ferals in my large laundry room, 8 tamed cats in my office and then 13 in my living area. That is the only way I can manage with them all. I love each and every one of them, too! I have tamed all the ferals except 3, and I am still working on them.

Cats are so resilient. They will bounce back! I do hope yours are all better now! But have them checked out if they don't improve. Those hairballs can be big trouble for a cat.

Please pose an update on them. I care.

Anonymous said...

i have the same lilac Siamese
never in my life have i had a stomach flu. today was my lucky day-the strange part is 12 hrs later my male Siamese is going threw it now. all our symptoms are the same,
not to get literal.It was BAD! could i have passed it to him