Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Cat Trouble's Troubles Continue!

Hey, if it isn't one thing, it's another!

Just as I thought that Trouble was all over his tummy bug, once again he started to live up to his name. I really do have to change it . . . don't I? It seems that it has a curse attached to it. sigh...

Trouble woke me up early yesterday morning, heaving and wretching. I jumped out of bed to find out what was wrong and if I could help. He was agitated and quite unhappy, which of course made me miserable as well. I felt so frustrated.

He wretched several more times, and when 7:30 AM rolled around, you can bet I was on the phone with my vet's office. She has some amazing techs, I have to say. One of the techs arrived at my door within 30 minutes, and Trouble was wisked away for care.

Several hours later, my veterinarian called. She felt that this bout of vomiting had nothing to do with that awful bug from which he had recovered. Suspecting that he may have food allergies, or IBD, she is now treating him for both.

We began the new treatment protocol this morning. Thankfully he loves the new hypoallergenic cat food. Heck, if he stops eating it, I may have to find a way to serve it up on crackers as an appetizer.

With the cost of this venison based diet, we may find ourselves in the poor house, afterall. But nothing is too good for my kitties. We may have to start eating more hot dogs..pun intended.

So please do leave comments of glow for this little white fluffy kid. Both of us are in need, to be honest.


Anonymous said...

Awww, so sorry to here of this new trouble....sending hugs and kisses and prayers for Trouble and Jo and friends. XO, Sharon

Anonymous said...

I feel for your kitty! I have a friend who's cat developed IBD about 8 or so years ago and I'm happy to say at 17 he's doing pretty good. Hope you get over this trouble, "trouble".

Rosi M

doubler said...


Anonymous said...

Awe, poor baby I hope he feels better soon. Healing prayers and thoughts coming your way! {{{}}}

Vicki said...

Gosh, when it rains, it pours. I am glad they seem to think they found the source of the problem. And boy do I know what you mean about the poor house. My horse, Casper has been in the hospital for a week now. They are calling in a farrier that is going to put special shoes on him tomorrow morning and then they think he can come home. What a relief! Continued prayers for trouble.

Anonymous said...

Heading into my shower (only place I'd dare do this) where, backed by full spirit, my voice sings out "He ain't trouble (?!) , he's my bro-o-o-oother :))))))"

Visualizing prayers, cuddles, energy, condiments:) your way.....


Jo Deibel said...

Sending you lots of happy thoughts and good wishes...


Jo Deibel
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329
Phone: 717-965-7901
Fax: 866-892-5069

Anonymous said...

Oh geez Jo! We are so sorry! Now I have heard of the expression 'if it isn't one thing, it's your mother in-law!
Please take care of yourselves as you go through this time. It does take alot from us who are indeed 'care givers' to our pets! And this is very stressful as the keeper doesn't know what is truly the matter. Even then (like with Bam, my horse, and her colic) you don't always know the outcome. The nerves and lack of sleep and food can really take alot from you! For those of you who aren't 'keepers of the pets', please take note that we take this title very seriously! Please help your friends who have taken this path when their pets are ill. It may just be company to help, as the time goes by so slow and all you can do is pray and wait. Visit them, take them food and drinks. Ask if you can watch over the pet so the keepers can take perhaps a few minutes for themselves. Most of all....just be there!
Trouble! Get better soon! Hugs! ~rc~

Janet Roper said...

I hope this bout of stuff is short lived and Trouble is back to himself.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, Jo, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Remember, this too shall pass and he'll be good as new soon!


lj (%) said...

Hi Jo,

Get well wishes go out to your Trouble and I hope you get plenty of rest too!! I used to have a horse I named Trouble and much like your kitty, he lived up to his name in every way. I sold him to the first person that made me an offer and she did rename him. She never complained about one thing. I wished I'd thought to rename him. You may wanna consider a new name if you happen to be of a suspicious nature as I kinda am. I don't believe in such things usually as a name attaching significance on behavior. But hey why tempt fate huh? Stranger things on heaven and Earth!

Stay Well and my best to the Trouble in your life! I had to laugh as I looked atyour photo and thought, man that cat even looks like a Trouble!!! Scary huh?

Luvbarbaro said...

Gosh, Vicki is sure correct, when it RAINS, IT POORS!!!

Lots of Love & Prayers for you Jo -- and of course for Trouble to get well!!!

I just found out this morning that Reggie has Carcinoma, which is a malignant cancer. I'm having a very rough time with it.


annie! said...

i think you DEFINITELY need to change this cat's name! just like i need to change the new feral kitten's name from gooey bug [named in honour of the mollusk, gooey duck] to something else! his eyes are still gooey -- hence the name -- but my husband says the name has to change! he refuses to call the cat gooey bug, for some reason! :::::smile:::::

know that you, your hubby and your babies are in my thoughts and prayers.

maybe you could run a 'name the cat' contest?

Nancy said...

Poor guy...I hate it that he has been sick. I had a cat for many years named Li'l Lady, and she used to throw up all the time. It would start about 4 hours after she ate. Well, finally, my vet determined that she had asthma. He put her on oral prednisone, and she was fine after that!

I do hope "Trouble" gets better very soon! You love them as children, how well I know, as I have 33 indoor cats! They all mean the world to me, too! Nothing I wouldn't do for them, either!

Keep us posted!

(((HUGS))) for you and Trouble!

Thaxt said...

What a Fiiiine Kitty!

U do have a spot for Oriental Exoticatz, K2K!

Maybe a harness & leash would allow the Kiti(s) to spend some time outdoors...the healing powers of the Earth 4 catz & humans.

Joanne said...

Poor Trouble. Magnus has allergies the vet thinks because of all the bad stuff he ate to survive while he was in that crazy house. She tried a standard hypoallergenic diet but he still had diarrhea - (his symptom) so now he eats Royal Canin venison and peas. It seems to do the trick but feeding two kitties that stuff for $34.00 for an 8lb bag is pretty steep. What is Trouble eating?
Hope he feels beter soon!

Mrs Mom said...

Get better soon there Trouble and quit giving your Momma heart palpatations!

Rani said...

Feel better and get well soon, Trouble!


"Aunt Rani"
P.s. if he has to stop eating that canned food and you have to get rid of it, you know where my kitties live, LOL

Di said...

I hope Trouble gets over his trouble soon. You need to cozy up to some hunters and maybe you can get your venison "on the hoof". :)

This makes me appreciate Deborah's good health - 21 years with no illnesses or injuries. We were really lucky. (I miss her terribly.)

Lots of hugs and kisses going your way.


The Foxes Den said...

Trouble is beautiful! With all we've been through with Suede's IBD, I know what you are going through. The special food didn't seem to fix things, I think the canned food in his case is the culprit... but nothing helps the itching for my hairy cat (pictures to be posted soon on my blog) and he just keeps licking off his hair. I think maybe he's just jealous of the attention the Sphynxes get :)

Anyway, just wanted to reply to your post on my site... sorry to hear you can relate to our 'adventures', but it's nice to know we're not in this alone!