Friday, June 6, 2008

The Triple Crown: Will Big Brown Grab The 3rd Jewel?

Today is the BIG day! My heart is beating so hard in anticipation that I can hardly contain myself.

As all horse racing fans know, Big Brown, decked out in his special Yasha shoes, has galloped his way for the opportunity to finally end the drought of the elusive and prestigious Triple Crown victory. Since 1977, 11 horses have won the Kentucky Derby and The Preakness Stakes but the final one, the longest and most challenging of the three races,The Belmont stakes, has eluded that final glory. Not since Affirmed claimed the title in 1978 has a horse been able to put that final jewel in the triple crown.

So can Big Brown do the job?

Rick Ditrow, Big Brown's trainer, sure thinks so. He has great hopes for this colt and since Big Brown has the number 1 post position it gives him a major advantage. His jockey, Kent Desormeaux is also confident that Big Brown will put on a spectacular performance. At the time of publishing, the undefeated colt's odds remain 2-5 for the running of the 10- horse field for the 140th Belmont Stakes.

While I don't bet on horse racing, I put my "virtual" money on Big Brown. Let's also say prayers for the safety of these talented horses, and their jockeys. Let this day be perfect in every way.

What are your thoughts about the Triple Crown win today? Leave a comment and share!


Anonymous said...

While I still mourn the loss of Eight Belles and think this industry needs MAJOR OVERHAULING, I'm still behind Big Brown today.

You go big guy...but DON'T get hurt.

Mr. Jockey, you hear dat?

Anonymous said...

While I love racing, this is the longest of the three. I am praying he holds up well and finishes healthy and strong. It would be nice to have another Triple Crown winner, all horses finishing healthy is my main concern.
My prayers go with the jockeys and the beautiful mounts they are riding.

Joanne said...

With Casino Drive scratched I think that Big Brown is a almost certain winner at this point. I totally respect Casino Drive's connections for not racing him when they felt he was not 100%. I worry about Big Brown's feet and will not watch until I know that everyone has come home safely.
Prayers for all entered.

Mrs Mom said...

This is going to be interesting to see. I don't worry about Big Brown's hooves- I worry more about a clean break from the gate!

We will be watching here to see how things go... and Praying for all a smooth incident free race!

Anonymous said...

hi- im not a gambler and my heart really goes out to the past deaths in the last couple of years..this would be more interesting to know for a fact there are pople out there making sure there is great treatment of these beautiful animals..I really hope this incident today with Big Brown winning the crown will bring the light on treatment of animals..Next we must look at the treatment of the greyhounds..with love

Nancy said...

I love all animals, but don't really know much about horses, but hopefully, I will gain some knowledge about them from mrs mom's blog.

Oh, I am happy to have found someone besides myself who loves cats! I have lots of them, all indoor cats now, mostly rescued by me, some feral and some not. I know I am going to just love reading your blog!!! I am going to add you to my blogroll! Looking forward to catching up on your posts...takes me time, but I will eventually get them ALL read!

I am new to blogging just since January of this year, and I sincerely LOVE it!!! Guess you could say I am addicted to it!

Central FL? H'mmmmm....I have had my RV parked near Disney there for the past 4+ years. I actually live in Upstate SC, but FL is where my heart is!

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I love all animals, but don't really know much about horses, but hope to gain some education on them from mrs mom's blog.

Looking forward to reading your blog!!! Nice to meet you!


Luvbarbaro said...

It's late now and I'm really just in shock. It didn't look like Big Brown was injured, although there was some bumping. I think (and hope) that Kent just wanted to take care of Beautiful Big Brown. B.B. seemed to be walking just fine after the race, time will tell I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I agree with luvbarbaro. I also find it VERY interesting that this was the only week Brown didn't get his steriod shot...wanting to prove he could without. Are there withdrawal symptoms from drugs like that? I don't agree with the use of steriods in horseracing and it looks like thanks to poor Eight Belle's it will be outlawed soon, but I still wonder how the lack of the steriod shot on Thursday affected Brown's performance yesterday. I just thank God he appears healthy.

Anonymous said...

Well how nioce these people are. First they take a young horse and harm it's health and put him on steriods. The they take him off of them for a big race. Is there something wrong with this picture ya'll? It is a miracle they didn't cause harm to that poor horse. Until the racing industry quits sterioding these once 'lean mean' running machines into muscle bound looking Quarter Horses, I will refuse to ever watch another abuse of this kind again. I am so sorry they didn't believe in YOU, Big Brown. God Bless you buddy!