Sunday, June 1, 2008

Silent Sunday: Do You Speak Feline?

Hush Puppy and Trouble discover a Cat instruction guide. 

Cats frequently chatter between themselves about intriguing objects. I often am curious about their thoughts and opinions. It just takes a lot of patience and intuitive skills to translate a feline discussion.

Obviously these two kitties in the video below, are involved in a major discussion about something that has caught their eye. TheCatsPyjaaaamas gives us the  purrfect opportunity to eaves drop on a serious conversation between two cats.

We are all  very interested in your translation of the conversation between these two "chatty cats". Leave a comment and share with us.


Anonymous said...

CLEARLY they were talking about whose turn it was to give who a bath.

It's your turn to clean my ears.

No, don't you remember I did that last night.

What about the top of my head, I did that too.

Really, I think it's your turn to wash me, lets start on this side, and then move on. AHHHHHH

Anonymous said...

I have never seen so much communication between two cats in my sixty some years.
Maybe they were discussing their last meal and one saw a left over spot on the other one.
So precious!

Rani said...

Bicolor: What do you think they are doing?

Tabby: Videotaping us so our glorious regality gets on Feline Fancy, of course!

B: Videotaping? What's that? Is it like petting?

T: No, ya goose. Nothing is like petting.

B: Well, a good ear-washing is close.

T: OK, then put your money where your mouth is!

B: Bring your head over here, I'll do it.

T: Damn humans, why are they taping us when they SHOULD be petting us!


Vicki said...

What the heck were those big dogs thinking? Were they so dumb they thought we would just sit and let them eat us up? I hated to teach them a lesson but they ask for it. Will they ever learn? Bet they don't bother us again! Meeeeeoooooow.