Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Your Purr-fect Match: Feline-Ality?

Ok, all you cat lovers out there! I am interested in what qualities attracted you to your cat.. or if your cat found you. If you actually purr-chased a kitty, did you choose your cat based on their looks of for their "feline-ality"?

This little gem of a web site sent to me the other day by good buddy Kasparcat is an interesting and amusing way to spend some time time learning more about "feline-ality" and what to look for to find your purr-fect feline match. Of course I know that you already have found one... or have you? My two Oriental Shorthairs are definitely "love bugs."
After you finish reading their clever descriptions, please share your results by leaving a comment.


Rani said...

Baby is a Love-bug and Rao is an MVP. If I was a cat, I'd be a Party Animal, LOL!


Anonymous said...

All of mine have been rescues...

I found Pirate almost 14 years ago, 2 lbs of kitten walking behind people that were "afraid" of him.

Wheezel I adopted from a no kill shelter.

Toey was the last of a litter and was going to be thrown out a car window....but my daughter took her for me to replace a cat I'd just lost. (long story, happy ending.)

Chester and his parents had a litter outside, cars, hawks and other nasty things took their toll until only Ches and Mini were left. I took Ches, Diane took Mini.

Mouse picked ME out. I went back to the no kill shelter looking through all the rooms for about a 4 month or so (not tiny, not too big either) to be a playmate to my Chester. Out of nowhere, comes this little grey cat and sits on my shoulder. HI mom. Finally you're here. I did look through the rest of the rooms, but went back to check Mouse out again, and again, out of no where ... on my shoulder. I'm pretty convinced at this point he's my beloved Clifton reincarnated. I love 'em all...but they have all found me...even the ones I have lost...Dew, JJ, Flakey.

annie! said...

it all started in the summer of 2002. someone dumped a pregnant calico cat in our mobil park. by the time i realized she was there, she had started to turn feral. sometime in sept she gave birth to 6 kittens in the mobil across from ours. one gray kitten came up through their heater duct. a neighbor adopted it.
so, she moved them to our mobil. one black kitten [teddy] came up our heater duct. i found him one night when i pulled the heater cover off and there he was. that was on wed.
on friday i rescued lena. on sunday i found tina and the orange cat. gave HIM to the neighbor who adopted the first kitten.
we never could find the other gray kitten. she produced MANY litters of kittens. found homes for most of them.
in march of 2006 she had her last litter -- that's how i got neesie. then she and one of the other kittens disappeared in june of 2006.
peachy -- the gray's last kitten -- had a litter in 2007. that's how i got stevie and peanut.

6 in all -- all related to each other.

Anonymous said...

Every single cat I have been adopted by has been a rescue of one kind or another. Some just show up at the door. One was thrown from a car at about 4 weeks old. Another from an deserted apartment building. Several others are from rescue sites from out of state such as Ohio and Indiana, which my vet & 10 Lives rescue are involved with
Each and every one has brought something special to my life. They bring such joy and laughter into my life, as well as each others lives.