Monday, June 23, 2008

The Dog Days are Upon Us!

With the dog days of summer stretching out ahead of us, I thought that this charming photo of two adorable 6 month-old Vizla puppies, snapped by the talented animal photographer Jim Arnold, was quite fetching.

Dogs are incredibly smart, aren't they? Learning to carry their very own water bottle is a great strategy to not only carry their own supply but also to remind their fur mom or dad, that a refreshing drink is always a delight.

Wouldn't you just love to roll around on the grass with these two spirited pups? I know I would.

Either way, leave a comment and share.


Mrs Mom said...

What a terrific shot!

Vicki said...

What an amazing shot. I know how hard it is to get a good picture of animals, and when you get that perfect shot, you just have to show it off. These are beautiful dogs I might add.

Robin said...

WOW >> those pups have grown !! LOL Jim takes such great photos :)


Anonymous said...

They're gorgeous!

Although I'm a real 99% cat person, I've had dogs in my life...dobermans and a golden retriever. Some day when I'm "older" (haha) and not working so much, I may consider getting a'd be good exercise for me, not to mention a certain level of security. My problem though, is I like BIG dogs. Maybe I'll have to settle for a medium sized. A small yappy dog would never do! One thing you can be sure of though, it'll come from my no kill shelter!

Anonymous said...

Please remember something about dogs. I have had both large and small dogs throughout my life. I never had a really small dog until we got Ziggy Stardust from the shelter. She would hide, pee when you called her, etc. All of the small dog stuff. It is the 'art of allowing' I find with our dogs.(Reward a dog for being a good watch dog. Also acknowledge a dog who barks just to bark with a swat or a strong talk depending on the dog. This is the art of allowing. A dog yaps because he is allowed to, usually.) Now Ziggy thinks she is a big dog and is a blast to have in our lives. Great Danes are also an awesome dog though if you want big. They look like they would eat one out of house and home but I found ours to be easy keepers. Also they can be a very gentle spirit that will make you feel so secure with their watchdog attitude. They protect those they love. Just my toughts on 'dawgs'. I hope you can get one soon! Until then Happy Trails!

Anonymous said...

I cool off just looking at that photo. Um, I melt too, at such a sight. Not a contradiction :))