Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Horse is Home From Hospital: Way to go, Casper!

When a beloved companion animal become ill, or is injured , our hearts are heavy, as it fills with worry and concern.

Our hearts are uplifted as they start to recover. If they have been hospitalized, when they are released, a great burden is lifted from our shoulders. We may continue to remain guarded as we wait for a full recovery, but having them home once again is such a relief.

Today my heart is brighter. When I heard that Casper, my friend Vicki's horse, who had been recently hospitalized for several days is now on the mend. He was spung from the horsepital yesterday morning. I know that Vicki must be thrilled as well and so relieved to have him back home and available for much loving.

Casper will be receiving what I suspect will be some pretty fancy shoes. I wonder if they will be saddle shoes with wings and tips? Ok so I had to make a pun. I am overjoyed!

All our well wishes go out to Vicki and to Casper for a swift and total recovery. I know you will want to join me in sending them special messages of cheer by leaving a comment!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to your home;bravo!"Saddle shoes with wings and tips"...Prada, of course.
Rooting you on :)


Joanne said...

Yeah! I am so happy Casper is home! Nothing is worse than a sick pet. What a handsome guy he is!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news. Casper is back because he has a wonderful,caring owner. {{{Hugs}}}} all the way around!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Casper is better and going home. There is nothing worse then when our horses are ill. I sure wish strength to Casper and his family. May I ask what happened? Did Casper stifle for him to need a different shoe? If so my 21 year old stifled a decade ago. I even got a younger horse from my in-laws as a retirement horse for Smokey. Smokey didn't want to retire and I was blessed to have sound rides on her until she was '28'! She left this reality at 31. So 'ride on' Casper! And many happy, healthy trails ahead of you! ~rc~

Vicki said...

About four weeks ago Casper foundered. My vet was out here four times. About two weeks ago nhe stopped eating and drinking. My vet came out again and did blood work. The bute we were giving him attacked his kidneys and he went into renal failure. He had to be admitted to the Equine Hospital. They gave him a 50/50 chance to survive. They pumped many fluids and meds into him. His blood work gradually improved. Then, they called in a special farrier to put his shoes on. He looked at the x-rays of Casper's feet and made custom shoes for him. He is on stall rest for two weeks, then we can put him in a small paddock area. I delivered Casper when he was born, and have always had a very special bond with him. Casper stands 18+ hands tall

Nancy said...

Glad Casper is feeling better now. He is a gorgeous horse!!!!

Anonymous said...

update plese! I get lost sometimes and don't know if people check back, I hope so!
Please tell us that Casper is okay. My heart really goes out to Casper and his family! I just got goose bumps. A sick horse is very tramatic! And what Casper went through had to have been such a scary time for his people. God Bless andf be with you! I will check back later in hopes for an update! ~rc~