Friday, May 30, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Nathaniel


I learned about Nathaniel, a beautiful Maine Coon through my Internet friend, Annie.

Housed in a  shelter for four months after being surrendered by his previous owner, Nathaniel most certainly has a guardian angel watching over him. Scheduled to be euthanized due to his aggressive behavior, and difficulty in handling, Michele, who discovered this challenging feline, jumped in and rescued him. She cleaned him up, obtained an excellent bill of health for him from her veterinarian, and proceeded to find a forever home for him.

Miraculously, a couple learned about Nathaniel since they were looking to adopt a Maine Coon. The husband immediately hit if off with Nathaniel, big time.

Nathaniel  now has a loving home with two people who will be doting on him. That Guardian Angel works closely with Michele.

Michele and her friends who work closely together to save abandoned cats and kittens, live in southern California. They periodically visit local shelters and take all the cats and kittens who are in eminent danger of euthanasia.  With their strong intention and dedication, coupled with donations made by her loyal friends, they have always found excellent homes for these kitties who otherwise would be destroyed.

Therefore we  award the "Pet of the Week" title to Nathaniel and the devoted couple who took him into their home. 

Please leave conCATulatory comments for them. They will be passed on to the folks that made this happy ending possible, giving them the credit  for which they richly deserve.


Anonymous said...

I love reading these stories! Again I do hope and pray that people are responsible pet owners! Please spay and nueter your pets! It is a shame how many homeless pets are out there.
This kitty is so pretty and I am happy that he has a new chance at life!
Thanks jo for the story!

lj (%) said...

Awwww!! How sweet! I needed a lift today, and you always find the best stories to post! I appreciate you, and the trouble you go to in bringing your site to the masses!! Thanks so much for all you do!!

Vicki said...

They must be very special people to take in these poor kitties who are having problems. It must be a special challenge for them. But I am sure that they have a lot of patience to be able to deal with them. And certainly a lot of love.

Anonymous said...

God bless these people for taking the time to work with Nathaniel and for giving him a good home!

Those of us who are true cat lovers know that cats are very discerning and intuitive. They seem to KNOW who they belong with and choose their people accordingly.

It's obvious to me that Nathaniel was not a happy cat when he was showing signs of aggression and being difficult to handle. I see cats like Nathaniel at the animal hospital where I work as a vet tech, and I constantly hear comments such as "be careful with him...he's not a very nice cat," and "don't let him bite you." In most cases, these same doctors/technicians are speechless when I bring the cat for treatments. The cat usually remains calm as long as I stay with him until the treatments are done, unless something happens to upset him.

It's in the touch! Some people have it and some people don't!


donna9331 said...

Thank God for those who care for the 'unwanted' not well behaved cats. It is usually not the cat's fault, but environmental or the PEOPLE! You go Nathaniel, you are one gorgeous boy!

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful story!

We adopted a barn kitten last fall (just two weeks old). She turned out to be a Maine Coon too!

LOST AND FOUND – adopting a barn kitten

The Mane Point

annie! said...

aahhhh, dear jo. thank you for posting nathaniel's picture and telling his story.
since my parents died i'm still almost a month behind on emails [though this one is from 5/31, so i'm getting better!].
michele and her friends ARE truly spectacular people. they do seem to find homes for all the cats they rescue.
also, several days a week, michele ventures off to two mobil parks in the area and feeds feral cats. she also traps the kittens and sees to it that they are spayed or neutered.