Sunday, May 25, 2008

Silent Sunday: Montage Chevaux

Mattie: My "cyber" sponsored horse rescued from the kill pen.

It makes absolutely no difference which language is our native tongue. All horse lovers can connect  through the deep love we share and the powerful emotions we often feel when we are in the presence of  these magnificent animals.

I would like to share this magical video, "Montage Chevaux",  by juju57 as a gift for enjoyment. I am positive that you will be touched by the beautiful  photographs and enchanting music.

How have you been impacted by your love for horses? Leave a comment and share your experience with us.


Anonymous said...

Amazing photographs! The human and horse connection are amazing.

Janet Roper said...

Gorgeous photos capturing the Spirit of horses! Thanks for starting my Sunday morning out so beautifully.

Vicki said...

What a beautiful video. I am always amazed at how photographers are able to capture such beautiful pictures of animals in so many candid shots. They are so graceful and just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this amazing video.

Anonymous said...

I loved watching not only that video but the videos that appear at the bottom of the screen after the origional is finished. Horses are magic to me. They are all the essence of earth and nature. Rippling muscle and the wind. Soft dawn and thundering power. As you can guess I love them. Thanks for a great way to start my day

lj (%) said...

Hi Jo,

Thanks for sending this along to me! These photo's are really awesome. A few in this presentation are absolutely stunning too! I am not much of a photographer myself but I can always appreciate good works. There are some very good ones in this display.

Hey kneadstoknow, Mattie is absolutely gorgeous!! Is this THE MATTIE? The one we've all heard about for so long? You've got a beautiful horse to sponsor and I'm quite certain he's appreciative of you also. Thanks for all you do to help the horses!

You ask how have I been impacted by my love for horses? Well horses have been my only passion in this life, and I was born with that. I've never known a time when they weren't the first thing in my head every day of my life so I don't really know if I could answer that question. I've nothing to compare it to. Horses have always been a constant, and I'd have little in the way of a life without them. They are everything to me! My center, my balance, my strengths, and my heart, they've been responsible for every piece of happiness I've ever known. It is on the back of a horse when I truly have felt the hand of God!

Animals have a way of bringing us close to the feeling of miracles and I've been blessed by having felt that. Nothing compares. And it's about time for me to get to the track to take care of mine for the day. Tracks closed here today, so Sunday's are relatively quiet.

kneadstoknow said...


That is THE Mattie! I am so in love with a horse that I have not met in real life. I learned about him while watching the 2007 Preakness, during a special feature about horse rescue.

He is part of my life, now and I hope to be able to really meet him one day, and touch his velvet nose.


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Very cool!


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