Thursday, May 8, 2008

Demando Cats: Do You Have One...or Two?


Cats definitely have their individual methods by which they  disturb our sleep. Frequently impatient imps when their patience has reached critical mass, they can always manage to find a way to have their "kneads" known.

If Hypnus miraculousy grants me the gift of slumbering past my habitual waking time, our cat, Hush Puppy, (above) can discover ways to laugh in his face in total defiance.

His favorite trick is to  continuously and  vigorously pounce upon my top sheet until I begrudgingly succumb to meet his urgent request for me to serve up his breakfast.

They say that a "picture is worth a thousand words". This little video posted on YouTube by simonscat, humorously captures feline frenzy at its finest.

I am sure you will get a giggle out of this one, as you identify with the haggard human subjected to his cat's demands.

"A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to wake its sleeping owner."

Do your kitties have a special method to get your attention? What are some of the things that they do that drive you nuts? (Lovingly, of course!) Share with us so that our cats may learn from your experience.


Anonymous said...

I have several cats but one gets me up for breakfast FAST. It started when he had crystals and bladder stones and he trained ME. He would run literally over me over and over and when I would not get up, he would stop with his tail on me and urinate on me! After getting up in the middle of the night 3 times to change, shower, change the bed and go on and feed them, I realized he had trained me. sigh. I even had a well known behaviorist come to my house and she told me I should be flattered and he was trying to get closer to me. NOT! He was a starving stray as a kitten and he has food anxiety in addition to being just a little spoiled. We have come to an understanding and this rarely happens now and if it does, he does not get fed for at least an hour. And no, I can't shut them out of my bedroom. LOL

Vicki said...

They are so funny when they want you to get up and feed them. My son ws telling me just this morning that his cat Tigger, got him up to feed him about 2:00 this morning. He gets over to his ear and starts meowing loudly until my son gets up. He won't take no for an answer.

Rani said...

My Baby (a Ragamuffin) demands to be played with. He's pretty patient about food.

He has this ball that he likes to play 'fetch' with, it's a whiffle golf ball. If I am in bed, he picks it up in his mouth and jumps onto the bed and drops it on my lap. "Here, Meowmy... now throw it into the kitchen!" Of course, I do and he leaps off the bed, out of the bedroom, across the dining room, into the kitchen, where he bats it around on the tile and finally picks it up in his mouth and brings it back to me on the bed. We play this until he loses it under some furniture.

Well, today he found it long after I was out of bed and he brought it to me and dropped it at my feet. I tossed it into the kitchen and headed elsewhere in the house. When he wanted it thrown again, he picked it up and was crossing the kitchen to bring it to me and accidentally dropped it near the fridge. But still came to me and said "Well? Throw it again, Meowmy!" I told him, I'm not going to go fetch it for you! You want it thrown, you bring it to me!

Guess what happened next?


Anonymous said...

It's the same routine every morning with my two kitties. First, Gracie starts to kiss my face, starting with the eyelids, then the nose, and when she gets to my mouth, I usually wake up pretty quickly.

Nick's wake up habit is to stand with his back feet on my pillow, and with his front feet starts to "scratch" on the window, which sounds annoyingly like "skreetch, skreetch, skreetch."

If neither of those things gets us out of bed, Grace will pounce on my husband's chest and proceed to knead biscuits until she hits his ticklish spot. That's the end of the game for us. We're up!


Anonymous said...

Our two cats, Gambler and Doc, insist on getting me up at 5:00 sharp every morning. If I don't get up and feed them, they meow and jump onto me, the bed, the couch, window sills, tops of speakers, chairs, tables, counters, rockers, sinks, vanities, desks, and..... GET THE PICTURE!!!! get up now AND FEED ME!!!!!!@@@@####%%% They make the perfect alarm clock. It can get SOOOOO annoying, but you can't help loving their playfullness so much. I really HATE them waking me up, but I don't think I'd know what to do if they weren't there. PK

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...


Great post.

I have a nose-biter, who wakes me up. ;-)

Nickers and Ink

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Mrs Mom said...

While we are currently a feline free home, I did have a neat cat when I was a teenager. His name was Tigger. He. Was. Huge. Not just fat- Tigs was HUGE. After doing some research, it now seems that Tigs was part Maine Coon cat- the TALL part. I am not short by any means, and Tigs could stand on his back legs, and reach his front paws up onto the counter looking for food. If he could not reach the food, he would then turn to ME, and swat my behind to hurry me UP with his FOOD! This cat could get his front paws to my WAIST. (I have a 36" inseam already! How tall did he want to be?!LOL)

I miss Tigger. He was always one to clown around, and ALWAYS made us laugh. He was something else, and I will always remember his antics.

Judy said...

Hey there Cuz. Well, you had me laughing all morning. I didn't realize this is such a common cat experience. Shakti is like an alarm clock. Between six and seven in the morning, she lands with a little thud on my sleeping form.

Always with soft paws, I'll give her credit for that. I have learned the hard way that it's best to obey at once.

Love, J.

annie! said...

peanut oil [pronounced erl, url, or earl] comes and sits on my stomach just about every morning around 3:15 am so that i get up to go to work on time. if i don't respond within a few seconds, he starts kneading whatever part of my body is closest to him!