Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day: An Opportunity to Save Animals


Doc: Kim's beloved angel Siamese Cat

Memorial day is a special time in which we honor our brave soldiers who gave their lives in battle to keep our Country safe!

Today is a also a day in which Animal Welfare organizations  may choose to commemorate it by holding a special event.

Transport Animals is one of those organization. Read about what they are doing to commemorate Memorial day by air lifting homeless animals from several locations to save at least 200 puppies and kittens from euthanasia. Watch their heart compelling video, and read the entire story

If you are moved by their incredible work and wish to donate to the cause, or become a sponsor for the event, please email


Vicki said...

How wonderful of these special people to give their time and devotion to this wonderful cause. Such lucky little critters to have someone to care for them and make sure they have loving homes.

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Great post!

And what a photo of the Siamese with Old Glory!



Anonymous said...

God Bless these people who help our Animal World. They are indeed special! There is so much we as private individuals can do also. Donate your time to help give a animal who has fear, hands on attention, so they are more able to find a home. Perhaps clean cages, feed and water, brush. Maybe a drive to the local vet's. Ask what they might need as donations for food, toys, blankets. I once would visit a shelter in our area a couple of times a week. It was a 'no kill' shelter. Folks listen closely as I love fairy tales also but...when a dog can't be adopted because it isn't wanted they do eventually put them down. They have to! Too many people breeding these days and not spaying and or neutering. Spay or neuter. Maybe your dog isn't for breeding. To me you show love and responsibility by spaying and or neutering. Make a donation but help. Our Animal kingdom will thank you! ~rc~

Linda said...

Wow this is beautiful!!


Luvbarbaro said...

That video was amazing - it reminded me of the airlift of dogs and cats out of Louisiana shortly after Katrina hit. A lot of the funding for that flight came from T. Boone Pickens, however there were many, many animal groups down there helping. God Bless everyone for all the hard work they did and still continue to do.

That Siamese cat is gorgeous!! :>)

Luvbarbaro said...

I just wanted to clarify, T. Boone was able to airlift around 80 dogs & cats (Katrina) and there were so many animals that needed help, so funding is still in dire need for these wonderful animal volunteer groups.

annie! said...

my good friend, michele who lives in southern california, also works to save cats and kittens in shelters. she and the other two members of her group periodically go to one of the shelters and take all of the cats and kittens that are on their last day. they have always found homes for these wonderful animals.

she continues to do her good work, solely supported by loyal friends who donate money so that she can pay for the spaying/neutering and for food and medical supplies.