Sunday, May 18, 2008

Big Brown Captures the Preakness: Second Leg of Triple Crown Victory


Photo of Big Brown winning Florida Derby: by Coglianese Photographs 

While I generally publish "Silent Sunday" each week, I can hardly contain myself and be quiet. I am far too excited and awed Big Brown's performance and win.

One of the most beautiful races I have ever seen was the running of the Preakness Stakes yesterday afternoon. Big Brown finished with a huge win, loping over the finish line, winning by 5 1/4 lengths, not even appearing to break a sweat. This horse has an afterburner that rivals a jet fighter plane.

Aside from Big Brown galloping away to victory capturing the second leg of the Triple Crown series, the greatest part about yesterday's races was that no horses were injured. We all breathed a sigh of relief when the races were finished and all horses returned to their stalls safe and sound.

I am positive that little patch of white spot on his side is his power spot.  Jockey,  Kent Desormeaux certainly knows how and when to touch it because that horse flew like the wind when he got ready to leave the other contenders in the dust. It sure appears that Big Brown doesn't have to worry about getting dirt in his face.

I am positive he could have set a record, but I  bet my bottom dollar that Mr. Desormeaux  felt no need to push Big Brown, to keep him fresh for the strenuous running of the third and final jewel of the Triple Crown, the  Belmont Stakes in three weeks, on June 7.

I for one am on  pins and needles in anticipation about the Belmont. But I certainly don't want to count my chickens before they are hatched in order not to jinx him.

Even if you watched the race yesterday, you can enjoy viewing it again with the video from partymanners.

What did you feel while watching the running of The Preakness Stakes? Did you know that Big Brown would be victorious? Leave a comment and let us know!


donna9331 said...

Like I said in yesterday's entry, I was just SO happy no one was hurt. I'm really rooting for Big Brown for the third jewel of the triple crown, but rooting MORE for Eight Belle's to have not died in vain...and that they make this so called sport safer for the animals involved. They admitted yesterday on TV that Big Brown gets a big dose of steroids every day. My daughter took steriods for asthma for a long time, and she now has the skeletal system of an 80 year old at 40---steriods damage bone...maybe that was Eight Belle's problem. Ban the drugs, ban the whips and let horses that want to run like the wind do it naturally. Only THEN will it be a true sport.

kneadstoknow said...

Big Brown actually does not receive steroids daily. He gets them on the 15th of the month. With the passage of drug laws, steroids will not be permitted after January 2009.

For a really good read about drugging and other aspects of racing, visit:


Vicki said...

What a beautiful victory for Big Brown. He has been on my radar since March, and I knew the minute I saws him, he had talent, and lots of it. He hasn't disappointed me yet, and I can't wait to see him in New York in three weeks.

Luvbarbaro said...

I got goose bumps reading your Not Silent Sunday! :>) I was SO HAPPY about Big Brown's win and like you said, we ALL breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when all the horses returned to their barns safe & sound! I did notice there were more scratches than normal. I have to wonder if that was due to the "situation" going on with racing right now. I don't agree with steroids, the horses are already bred to be so HUGE. Like someone (Donna) posted, I am certain Eight Belles will not have died in vain!

Mrs Mom said...

Great post! We did not see the race yesterday, but have read the highlights. I think it was on Fran Jurga's blog a bit ago that she posted a comment from a horseman saying that Brown is a horse of a lifetime. I got goose bumps when I read that, and STILL do. Got my fingers crossed that he takes the Belmont as well! ;)

Should Big Brown go on to take the Belmont is such style, he will be what the equine realm has dreamed of for generations.

A once in a lifetime horse.

Sure sounds like it fits to me!

Luvbarbaro said...

I just read someones comment about the steroids. ESPN or NBC mentioned that Big Brown gets a shot only once a month-- I'm sure the drug is being used for an anti-inflammatory reason. Just wanted to clarify my previous post.

lemshe said...

Way to go, Big Brown. I thought the coverage of the race by NBC was much better and I liked the manner in which they addressed the track safety issue head on in the round-table discussion before the race. And Eight Belles' trainer said that he didn't know what happened to her before he got her, but she wasn't on steroids under his direction this past year. The steroid use, legal or not, still bothers me as far as Big Brown is concerned--I'd much rather read that he did it on his own without any enhancement. Still, an impressive horse. Love his looks.

kneadstoknow said...


I totally agree with you about your post. It is high time that racing's "dirty little secrets" are being revealed and that there is a lot of pressure being put on the Racing Industry to get it's act together. High time.

If this pressure results in safer conditions for horses and jockeys then no horse has died in vain. To save future horses from the dangers to which they have been subjected will certainly help to preserve racing in a good light.


Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Great post . . . and great news.

I had to tape the race and watch it later, as I was photographing our favorite bunch of teens for prom night. ;-)

The Mane Point

Coin Collector said...

In 1978 I was not only a fan of Affirmed, but also of Alydar. As each race of the triple crown got longer, Alydar came closer and closer to beating Affirmed. The un-official 4th jewel is the Travers stakes held at Saratoga. I again bet on Alydar. Due to a foul committed by Jean-Laffite Pincay, Affirmed was disqualified and Alydar won the race. That night as I worked at the Albany airport, Pincay bought a one-way ticket to California. I asked him "Getting out of town?" Bet there were a lot of touts that would have loved to gotten their hands on him! 8-)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I watched the race. I was telling him that Big Brown looks like a quarter horse with his muscles. Then we heard about steriods and it all made sense! Bless these beings God and help them to get back to being what you created them to be. Races are awesome but can't we do so without the harmful drugs? ~rc~