Thursday, May 15, 2008

Overweight Cats: Are They Really Appealing?

With the overwhelming amount of  data with which we humans are subjected concerning the benefits of remaining slim to remain healthy and energetic, I am wondering  and concerned about what it is about fat cats that many people find humorous.

From what I have observed on the Internet, there are folks that actually take great pride in their overweight cat's appearance and publish their cat's photographs and even share videos of them.

Perhaps they are throwing out the gauntlet to win the title, "The World's Fattest Cat"?  Is there such a great disparity in  human's and feline's health needs?

Maybe the folks who find overweight cats entertaining  are not aware that these cats are at great risk for Diabetes, heart conditions, kidney failure and other serious diseases.

So why are these people bragging about their obese cats? I don't get it at all. If our two cats spend too much time hanging out on the couch watching ANIMAL PLANET, I get worried. They are bored and even possibly somewhat depressed because I may not be paying enough attention to them. I take the hint!

exercize cat

Cats have very specific nutritional needs , fresh water and plenty of exercise. Not only will that aid  burning off those extra calories, but it is a great opportunity for bonding time with our felines. There are so many fabulous toys on the market to choose from  which will entertain cats and their servants for hours on end.

Watch the video "Fat Cats Rule" from SourApple2008

After I watched several videos featuring "chunky cats"  I was not surprised to observe that they all had very high "hits".

I   purrsonally still don't understand the reason for their popularity, do you? What are your thoughts about overweight cats? Leave a comment and tell us.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it is that fat cats are thought to be cuddly or what but I know that it is not healthy for them and I have one. We changed the way we feed our cats here and all but one of the cats Is back to a healthy weight and doing well. The one cat seems to be unable to loose weight.
We used to feed free choice dry food but that is not good for cats. I watch Mike wheeze and pant in the summer. He also cannot groom properly and is just not doing as well as the other cats. Hopefully with exercies and feeding him a strict diet we can bring him slowly down to a healthy weight.
Hopefully people will realize that fat cats are not healthy cats.

Anonymous said...

What a cute but also sad for the kitty video! I do hope that some of those photo's were messed with by a computer. I do know with age our Gambler is putting on a few pounds. I have to seperate our cats when they eat as Gambler is also balemic (sp) eats too much and throws up!
Hey all! Enjoy your e-mail as I can only recieve mine and can't e-mail out. Our provider made thigs better foe us..?..~rc~

Vicki said...

I know it is not healthy for them to carry too many extra pounds. My vet told me that my cat was a bit overweight and put him on a special food regiment. He is strictly an indoor cat so he doesn't get a lot of exercise. Appearance does not concern me, it's the health issues.

Mrs Mom said...

Hey Miz Jo-
Did ya stop at HorseFeathers?? :) Theres a gift-y there for you!

Horsey slobbers for ya! :)

AG said...

As a owner od many cats over the years I have had some that never went over the average of 6 to 7 pounds. But with others they did although they were all fed the same diet.
Like humans I believe it has to do with their genetic make up. The amount of exercise plays into the weight idea too. Having multiple cats has its positive side because they interact with each other.
Some of mine have a little pot belly, while others are slim and sleek. All depends on who is chasing who around the two story home I live in. I almost always have the pitter patter of little paws running somewhere in the house.

annie said...

i have a 'fat' cat -- he weighs over 16 lbs, but that's his winter weight. during the summer, because we live in the country and he primariy eats off the land, he drops at least 3 lbs.

unfortunately, his shots are in the winter time -- february, to be exact, so by the time he gets to the vet, he's over 16 lbs again! he was recently described as 'obese!' i looked at the very obese vet and said 'yeah right!'