Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Impeccable Feline: Spoiling Your Cat?



I will let you in on a little secret, but please don't tell anyone. I am holding you to your promise!  I don't want my husband to know!

There is nothing more appealing to me, as far as my kitties are concerned, than finding products that will delight not only them, but which will make my life as a cat servant easier and more enjoyable. I am frequently found surfing the Internet looking for new and unique items with which I can treat my fur kids to a delightful and interesting past time.

Today I was in luck. A friend sent me an email filled with fascinating feline oriented items.  And while I totally enjoyed visiting the sites and reading about these fancy and intriguing  toys and products that I would dearly love to purchase, my pocketbook seemed a bit light.

For example, take this very creative item designed by Sandy Lam, aptly named, Catain.


This is a curtain that has been designed expressly for  climbing by your pussycat, who will hopefully leave your own draperies untouched. Clever idea, but I wonder how kitty will distinguish the feline version from the human variety?  It kind of gives one pause for reflection. You can read more about it by visiting: Curtains Made Just For Kitty.  While you are there, check out their amazing scratching posts. There are times when I wish I were a pampered ball of fur!

The Cat Connection offers lots of fabulous stuff which your impeccable feline will most certainly shower you with affection if you gift them with a few of the items offered for sale. They even have a Cat Sitter DVD available which will lull the most finicky indoor cat into thinking he is enjoying an afternoon in the great outdoors. What more an enchanting gift could you bestow ?

I highly recommend that you make your final stop by visiting The Sophisticated Cat, a luxury Cat Boutique to complete your shopping trip. You can even find the purrfect cabinet to tastefully camouflage the litter box.


Do you think your feline would be enthralled by these fabulous fancy feline products, or do you suspect that we humans will find them more enchanting, leaving kitty bored in short order?  Please do share your thoughts with a comment.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear! I'm afraid my two very pampered pusses would yawn at these specialty items and go searching for a paper ball to chase or a shoelace to tangle with or an empty box to play hide and seek in.

I shudder to think how much $$ I've spent on cat toys that fill up the kitty toy basket. In the ads and websites, there is always the promise of "endless hours of fascinating playtime" for your kitty. Huh! Not MY kitties, and I'll wager not yours, either!


RP Cathouse said...

I have found the best toys if you want to buy them is krinkle balls, mice without eyes, and the cat track with the scratching cardboard the middle. There is also a small track with a mouse enclosed, which is a hit here. And I make my own catnip toys, socks, etc. I found in the clearance at Old Navy some huge mice and bought several, cut them open and put catnip inside, what a hit that was. Oh I almost forgot, after Easter those plastic eggs. I buy them and the cats and kittens love them. When they break apart they can still bat them around and then pick them up and carry them off to a new place. As for cat beds I make my own. I must be a tight wad! LOL.


Rani said...

My kitties tend to turn their little noses at Cat Toys. There seems to be an inverse ratio between the cost of the toy and the interest level of the cats. The more I spend, the less likely they are to play with it!

My Baby's favorite toy is a whiffle ball, golf-ball-sized.
I throw it into the kitchen and he batts it around and when he's done, he picks it up in his mouth, totes it across the dining room, into the bedroom, jumps up on the bed and brings it back to me. He also loves feather wands, preferably the $1 ones from Save-a-Lot. Rao likes laser-pointers
(yes, careful not to point into their eyes) but if Baby is in the room, Rao won't play with any toys.


Anonymous said...

Being a multiple ( cats & dogs) pet owner I have to be careful what I buy the cats to play with. The smaller ones they will drag or carry out of their play room. When that happens the dogs want to eat them.
I purchase larger play items that can not be removed from the play room. I bought what I call a cat cube. It has 3 three stacked cubes and a small play area which has to be assembled. They love to run in and out, and sneak attack each other. Of course the older they get te more they weigh, which causes the cubes to seperate at the connections. It only takes a matter of seconds to replace the parts together. Oh, and they also enjoy sleeping on the top level together.
I also bought a spining toy with 4 arms that spin. They do manage to get the arms and legs off, but again they are put together in seconds. They really enjoy taking these toys apart and it keeps them busy and happy.
Now the climbing curtain sounds very interesting. Everyone knows that cats love to climb and hang out. I will have to look into getting one.

Laurentha said...

My cats LOVE their kitty tunnel. While it now serves as an enclosed cat bed, at least it's used. I have one that loves the latticed plastic balls that have a bell inside. They're all over my house. Another is a feather fanatic. Anything stuffed gets destroyed by the dogs.