Saturday, May 24, 2008

Internet Play: The Feline Way

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Hush Puppy, our lilac point Oriental Shorthair always keeps me busy. His inquisitve nature, while quite entertaining at times, can also cause me a great deal of anxiety.

Whenever I hear unfamiliar sounds in the house, l almost always attribute it to one of Hush Puppy's fascinating antics.

The other morning, after I finished my E Mail,  I forgot to shut my office door. I didn't give it another thought until I settled down to watch TV and have a snack. All of a sudden I became aware of a very familiar computer sound emanating from the office.

Jumping up and running to the office, I caught Mr. Puppy lounging on my laptop keyboard. Each time he moved, a different webpage came into view. He jumped off the keyboard very quickly when he spotted me, making me  sure he was surfing the net in search of "kitty" porn.

I bet he got the idea from watching this little video on YouTube, which had me in stitches. He did not take the time to dump the cache because I found it in his browsing history.

I just hope that he is not planning to form an Internet Pen Pal relationship with this enchanting kitten. I can just imagine what other mischief he will be planning, if he does.

Are your cats attracted to computers and have you caught them in the act of "googling?" Leave a comment to please tell me that I am not alone.


donna9331 said...

My MouseyMouse is forever in my way ... I can't see the scren (here he comes) because he's enthralled by watching the letters appear on the screen and is MOST amused by the movements of the mouse cursor (maybe Mouse likes the mouse???) It's cute "most of the time" but sometimes when I'm trying to get off an important email or answer a serious one to my aunt or friend, it can be most annoying. However, since my keyboard slides UNDER my desk when not in use, they'll be no web surfing for Mouse, Pirate, Wheezel, Toey or Chester. Unless they develop thumbs and can pull the keyboard tray out. Or they figure out how to push it out from underneath...THAT is a definite possibility. They're one gives them enough credit for being such intelligent beings!

kneadstoknow said...


Only those of us who really know cats, are aware of their incredible intelligence. I think that is why there are folks out there that cannot abide felines...they feel intimidated by them.

Cats are brilliant. They know just how to wrap their little paws around our hearts!

Vicki said...

That screensaver is just what the Dr. ordered for this little kitty. He could watch all those moving objects, entertaining himself for hours on end. It is so much fun watching them play with the most simple things.

Anonymous said...

Is there ANYTHING more fascinating to watch than a kitten discovering something new? This little guy even seemed to know when the show was over! How clever is that?


Joanne said...

Magnus just loves hanging around when I am on the laptop. I think that he is jealous of all the attention I am giving to the machine and not to him. He rubs against it and walks on the keyboard, Anything to take my attention away from "the machine" and focus it on him where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

I think Puppy has met his "match". maybe he was searching the internet dating sites!

annie! said...

my boy peanut absolutely dislikes my being on the computer for long periods of time. if he thinks i am here too long, he will come into my teeny tiny office howling and start rubbing himself up against me. so i pick him up, he starts purring, i hug him for a bit, put him down, then he gets indignant again!