Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kentucky Derby 134: Will Big Brown Capture the Roses?

Today is the 134 running of the Kentucky Derby: The Run for the Roses.

Photo by: Matthew Stockman

While I am not as an avid a horse racing fan as some of my friends, I always follow with great interest, the three most exciting and challenging races of the year, the Triple Crown.

Starting with the Kentucky Derby, held on the first Saturday in May, continuing with the Preakness, and ending with the Belmont Stakes, this series of races requires the best of the best to expend a huge amount of energy and demonstrate an excellent athletic prowess. 

Not since 1978, when Affirmed captured that prestigious title, have we had a Triple Crown winner. Each year as I eagerly watch these races, I find myself longing for the long drought to be lifted so that another incredibly talented Thoroughbred will follow in his "hoof" steps.

And each year, I find myself falling in love with my favorite prospect and I inevitably become glued to my TV, crossing my fingers, cheering the contender noisily from the privacy of my living room. I must add that my kitties suspect that I may have lost my sanity for a few minutes when they witness my rowdy behavior.

This year I have totally been mesmerized by Big Brown. Bred by Monticule, owned by IEAH Stable and Paul Pompa, trained by Rick Dutrow, he will be riden by Kent Desormeaux .

Since Big Brown has only won three career starts, the odds may not be in his favor for capturing the roses this afternoon. But that does not deter me from being a huge fan of this beautiful and talented horse. Although I am not a gambler, I place my money on him as I have a feeling that this big hearted boy will be wearing the spectacular blanket of roses around his neck later this afternoon!

Read the history of the Triple Crown.

Enjoy this video of Big Brown's 5/2 workout:

Do you have a special favorite in today's race? Leave a comment and tell us about it.


Anonymous said...

Mom, dad, my husband and I used to go to River Downs here to watch the horse races (I'm going back more than 18 years cause that's how long dad has been gone.) The first time I went I was appalled and started yelling at my mom THEY'RE HITTING THEM THEY'RE HITTING THEM! I hate that part of the sport. Let the horsey run his hardest but personally I don't see the need to hit them. Yes, I'd place bets, the ex and I would limit ourselves to $2 per race. We'd 'plan' on losing all the money LOL so if we came home with any part of it we considered ourselves "winners." I liked to bet on grey horses...and (surprise!) those with CAT in the name somewhere. Thanks for reminding me this is on today, I'm not much of a fan, but I do like to watch the excitement of the Triple Crown!

AG said...

While I love watching the races, I never watch them come out of the gate. Sounds strange I bet, but I think that is the most dangerous part of the race. The horses are beauty and grace rolled into one. I keep my fingers crossed they all finish the race safely.

Thaxt said...

Human Athletes are there voluntarily.

Has anybody - anybody - ANYBODY - out there questioned the state of maintained captivity, breaking to human will from birth, & forced use of animals for entertainment?

And - are people aware of the relationship between the state(s) of captivity humans & animals are broken into, & kept in by societies modeled on machines?

Really, I can't be the only one thinking this.

Vicki said...

Right now BB's feet are in good condition. Although lightly raced I am putting him on top. I would not count out Pyro or Colonel John. And then there is Bongo Barney who is likely to win the Derby. He is my imaginary horse who wins when you don't expect him, ahla Giacomo. There are some good runners in this field, and I don't count out any one.

lj (%) said...

Woo Hoo!! And it's Big Brown!! While not my pick this horse ran a spectacular race. Sorry about Eight Belles though!! Tragic!! RIP Sweet Girl!!

Anonymous said...

Well Jo, you were right on with your prediction. WTG!!! Do you think he can go all the way and capture the Triple Crown? So sad about Eight Belles and her being put down but for that type of injury was definitely best way to go.

Anonymous said...

I am happy that Brown won but I think the Filly Belles was the
better horse. I hope he gets BEAT at Pimlico. Ane he will I hope!
They are just sitting back and waiting there. I am mad anyway because I just lost my Mare Suzycruncher giving birth to her big Filly. Long hard road for 11
hours! My Mare gave it her all!
But she was bleeding and she just died! I am not doing well,
but that Big filly is! Sorry!
If I upset anyone. Susie Grumbine

annie said...

i'm happy that big brown won, but so so sad that the filly had to be put down. brings back memories of barbaro.