Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wrinkly Kisses: Meet The Vizsla Gang


When I see wrinkles, my first reaction is to grab an iron and straighten them out!

But the more wrinkles the merrier, which these Vizsla puppies certainly possess is what made them so appealing to me and which immediately caught my attention.

Some wrinkles are definitely a good thing.

Jim Arnold's fantastic photograph of this gang of Vizsla puppies beautifully captures the joy and delight that his niece must be experiencing as she is covered with an abundance of puppy kisses by this adorable little guy.

Seeing the smile on this little girl's face suggests to me that puppy kisses bring good luck to the recipient, don't you agree?


Rosi said...

Crashing on the grass with pets is delightful.

Great Blog!

Vicki said...

What an adorable bunch of puppies. I have heard of this breed, but they arepretty scarce in this part of the country. But they are certainly adorable.

Robin said...

Jim is so good at capturing that little something extra in his photos and he's done it again with these pups.

Thanks for telling me about your blog. It's great!