Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chester the Cat: A Tale of an Adorable Adoptee!

It is possible that  Chester, who owns my friend livinginavandown may be preparing to coach a drag racing team.  Having an affinity for this white VW, it appears to me that this is the car of his choice.

But I think he may be, (excuse the expression), "barking up the wrong tree" in his selection for a potential winner.

Or, possibly he may be performing his particular version of the "slip and slide."

Rescued from a shelter six years ago, Chester was afraid of everything and everybody. Timid and withdrawn, unable to show affection to humans, one can easily imagine what a difficult and challenging life he endured as a youngster.

With the abundance of  love and patience lavished upon him after his adoption, this lucky fellow responded positively, transforming into the trusting, playful and inquisitive kitty that he is today.

livinginavandown spends a lot of time hanging out with Chester. She has taught him to climb trees while under her supervision when she and her husband sit outside on their bench. Chester quickly learned that he will catch her attention when he demonstrates his athletic prowess.

There are untold numbers of "unwanted" pets languishing in shelters waiting for a kind and committed person to make them part of their family. Please think of them when you consider adding a pet to your household. 

Have you ever adopted a pet? Please leave a comment to share your experiences with us.

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