Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Horses, Horses, Horses

It is a lot easier to share one's home with kitties of course.

This being said, horses continue to remain one of my deepest passions. There is something magical about a horse . . . something that is so different and so unique. Some folks don't consider them to be pets. Some folks think that horses are not capable of becoming emotionally involved with with humans to the same degree as cats, dogs and other small animals with whom we share our homes.

I have always considered my horses to be very special companions. I always thought of her as a very unique pet. When I was sad, or upset, I often found myself in her stall, with my arms wrapped around her neck, which many times became dampened with my tears.

She loved and protected the many children who rode her while she was active as an equine volunteer in the Pegasus Therapeutic Horseback Riding program, which met weekly at the barn where she was boarded. One of the favorite members of that team, the children always took the time to give her an apple or carrot and to bestow kisses upon her nose. She was considered to be their special "pet".

When I lost her in her seventh month of pregnancy from a twisted gut, her death was so devastating that it took me many years to be able to arrive at a peaceful acceptance of that loss. But I am left with many wonderful memories of her sweet disposition and of the time we shared together.
Many of my friends own horses, or, rather are owned by them. They all agree that their horses are very special to them and consider them to be part of their family. While you can't snuggle with a horse easily, those who have developed trust and affection for their human "partner" reach out for that loving touch and contact on which most pets thrive.

Have you ever had the joy of sharing that deep emotional connection with a horse? I would love to hear what others have experienced.


Astaryth said...

Hi! And welcome to the darkside... bwahahahaha! Actually, I think you will find Blogger offers some things that AOL doesn't (and vice versa). I absolutely adore my Blogger Blog, but most of my traffic is still on my AOL Journal because that is where I started. Still, since they are mirror images, I find myself ambivalent..

O.K... Two things. #1, Yes, my Boo is as much a pet and furkid as my indoor pets. We just spend a different set of time together ;p

and, #2... You need a different background and header to set your blog apart. I would see what I could do except for the sad point that my laptop with all the appropriate programs is currently in the shop (broken hinge). When it returns I'll have to see what I can do LOL! Right now though I am struggling along on this ancient beast considering myself lucky that I can read a post and maybe even comment. Doing any graphics/photo work... ::rolls on floor laughing hysterically:: Yeah, right!

Good Start! I've added this to my BLoglines account so I can follow you.

PerfectTosca said...

She was very beautiful. I share a similar memory. When I was a kid, we had two horses. The stable burned down and we lost both of them. I remember the despair in my family at the loss of our PETS.

Congrats on the blog, sister. I myself have been totally hooked for awhile now.

Pamie said...

Who woulda thought that horses would consume me so...That is the advantage of getting older...we have no one to tell us not to buy that peppermint flavored Jolly Ball!

I love your blog, btw. The freedom in your writing shows what a talent you are!

Breezy said...

I myself am a huge horselover. I have heard some wonderfull stories of horses doing everything possible to protect their owners/riders.