Sunday, January 6, 2008

Klepto Cats Strike Again

Sometimes I wonder if I am unique in my habit of hiding some of my cats' toys in order to increase the toy's  longevity and to also remain of interest . I try to keep those special ones that are top on their hit parade as it is much more amusing for both my cats and me to savor interactive playtime.

One of those hiding places is in the top drawer of my dresser. Of course they know exactly where they are, and whenever I open the drawer which is the receptacle for my socks and pajamas, my kitties jump onto the dresser top, longingly gazing at the toys, giving me wistful glances and of course, attempting to extract one or more of them to entice me to play.

I am amazed at how they remember the location of each and every toy stashed away in this drawer and when they hear me open it, will come bounding into the bedroom from any location in our house. I swear they have marked the toys with a secret GPS tracking device. Even the sound of the electric can opener does not carry the same appeal.

When the phone rang the other day,  in my haste to answer, I forgot to completely shut the drawer. While my attention strayed,  much to my dismay, from right  under my nose,  Lucyfur was boldly stealing her favorite feathery boa toy out of the drawer. Additionally she was encouraging the other two cats to perform a search and  seize mission in order to grab any other exposed goodies. She is such a bad influence on the boys.

I was thrilled that my camera was at hand so I could capture their feloniousness behavior.  They will not be able to proclaim their innocence with a straight face.

Do your cats ever pilfer objects of interest to them?  I would love to hear about it.



Anonymous said...

Oh that was funny! LOL Thanks for sharing. Can definitely tell who the ring leader is - Lucyfur!

Jo said...

Lucyfur is definately the ring leader when it comes to making mischief.

You pegged it, Brand!


Anonymous said...

One of mine knows where I keep the catnip (in a kitchen cabinet) and tries to get it from time to time. One day I forgot to put it away and it came up missing. After an extensive search, I gave up. Over a week later it suddenly appearted in the middle of the room. The bag was still intact but did have little teeth marks in it. Hmmmmmmm

Vicki said...

Too cute. They look like they are having such fun in the drawer. Sort of the opposite of that saying except "While the mice are away, the cats will play"

RP Cathouse said...

When new toys come into the house here:

1.  Bag is examined by all, who have fur.
2.  Bag then is breeched by cat heads.
3.  Bag is then dragged if not weighted down off of what ever it was on. 
4.  Contents of bag emptied on floor, and toy in package is batted around.  If I get to it and take the packaging off too soon toy is then discarded and left alone.
5. After time has passed then I can take off packaging.  And the toy is then batted around. Hidden under couches, refridge, stove food bowls, water bowl, ect. I have found new toys stuffed in my purse for safe keeping.  Some never to be found again. 

Oh, the newest place I have found toys is in the paper shredder.  Don't ask because I did and no one fessed up and told me how or who.

Anonymous said...

That was HILARIOUS!!! Mouse and Chester have a favorite "fishing pole" toy that I wrap up and put below my end table every morning before work. MOST days, it's still there when I get home, but occasionally... well you know.

Here, rather than stealing toys from their hiding places, I frequently get up to find that Chester has again become Shredder and torn the paper balls Mouse and he play with literally to shreds. Every AM Mouse knows when I tear off "yesterday" he'll have a new toy. Shredder? He probably thinks he's protecting us from the big bad paper ball toys all over the house. I wonder what Ches thinks when Mouse brings them to bed with him while they sleep while I'm at work? The other night I found 3 "papers" ready to go to bed with us.

Aren't they a hoot?