Sunday, January 20, 2008

Who's the Top Dog?


It was love at first sight the moment this adorable St. Bernard puppy, Elli Mae, caught my friend Vicki's eye. A small bundle of fur who has a  huge talent of showing affection, her lavish puppy kisses accompanied by a glance of her soulful eyes, worked its magic. Elli Mae found her new home.

Elli Mae adjusted to Vicki's canine and equine family in short order. Always wanting to play, she bounded through the house and yard with the fervor and energy that only a youngster can muster.

Inquisitive and highly intelligent,  Elli Mae explored every nook and cranny in Vicki's domain, vying for her own territory with the resident dogs.

The months flew by in a heartbeat. Elli Mae kept growing by leaps and bounds. "Hide and Seek" became one of her favorite games. Generally the winner, largely due to her finely tuned nose, Ms. Elli was a pup with whom to be reckoned. 

We now have evidence that  Katie Lou,Vicki's Sheltie has been tagged as "it" for the next round of canine fun.


What kinds of games do your dogs prefer?  Tell us about it by leaving a comment. I am sure that Elli Mae would love to learn some new strategies to add to her repertoire.

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Astaryth said...

Our Corgi, Morgan, has a little orange disc that she -loves- to fetch and catch. If you throw it 'right' she will leap in the air and catch it. When she is out in the yard she meets you at either gate with it in her mouth hoping that instead of coming in the yard you will let her out and throw it for her... again, and again, and again... LOL! She loves this toy so much she is on her 3rd one. She will fetch almost any ball or stick, but this is the toy she runs and gets when the offer is made.