Thursday, January 3, 2008

Puppy the Cat

One might think that a cat named Puppy might be plagued with species confusion. A lilac point Oriental Shorthair with the registered moniker, Hush Puppy, I assumed he would have no problem.


His call name is Puppy. Whenever I talk about him however, quite understandably folks always inquire about how my dog is accepted by my kitties.

I had thought about changing his name, but he seems to be quite content with it, always responding by bounding through the house to see what treat might be waiting for him.

I often wonder what prompted his breeder to bestow this interesting name upon him. I suspect that she thought he was a shoe-in to find a forever home.

However there is nothing quiet about this cat. Talking constantly about one thing or another, generally complaining about my proffered meals rather loudly, with that all too familiar sound that Oriental cats are famous for, he communicates his feelings quite directly.

Is it possible that his breeder may have given him that name in the hopes that he might take the hint and speak in a more modulated tone?

Do your cats use certain sounds with which to communicate their wishes? I knead to know!

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