Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Save our Horses! Take Action: National Call in Day: 1/22/08


Photo: Raven, Kim's equine partner.

Calling all horse lovers! Today, January 22, 2008, is National Call In Day!

If you feel strongly that the cruel and unnecessary slaughter of our beautiful horses must finally be abolished, once and for all, please pick up your phone, now, and call your two US Senators, and one US Representative. Contact information may be found below.

Ask your Senators to please cosponsor and vote "yes" on S-311. If they are already cosponsors, thank them. Ask your Representative to cosponsor and vote yes for HR-503. Thank them also if they are cosponsors.

Your input is crucial. Speak from your heart, telling them how important horses are to you, and how critical their cosponsoring and vote in support of these bills are to help abolish horse slaughter, once and for all.

In spite of the fact that newspapers and other media are filled with news about how negatively the abolishment of horse slaughter will generate untold numbers of unwanted and abandoned horses, this simply is not true. There is no accurate evidence to back up these claims. We must set the record straight.

While the doors to the three remaining foreign owned horse slaughter houses in the United States have been shut at this point, we need to keep them closed permanently. The transportation of horses to Canada and Mexico remains legal. We must ensure that both horse slaughter and the export of horses destined for slaughter will be finally outlawed.

Let your voices be heard today! Additionally, please ask your friends and family to also call their legislators today and throughout this week.

Contact your Congressperson in the U.S. House of Representatives.

U.S. Senate: Senators Home 

For more information about National Call In Day: Visit: rallyforhorses.

Watch the HSUS video: The Export of America's Horses  Warning: graphic images

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Renegade Cowgirl said...

I want to thank this site for bringing such a terrible reality to hopefully more and more readers every day! I have been blessed with horses for 37 years of my life. It is bad enough they are selling them and shipping them off to other Countries. The worse part is the terrible cruelity they have to endure. Look into a horses eyes and you will see they also have a heart...and soul! Please try to help to save the Best of the West!