Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cats in the Bathroom: Invasion of Privacy?

When avid cat lovers get together, conversations inevitably turn to a few of the more curious antics in which our kitties have indulged. We often find that our cats have much in common and that their behavior which we might have considered to be unique, is in fact something that is rather common.

I was talking with my friend Kasparcat the other day. She suggested an interesting topic with which other cat people might identify.

Do all cats follow their humans into the bathroom, making privacy impossible? It was something to which I had often given thought, but figured that it was just my issue. It was good to hear that I was not alone.

Privacy in the bathroom in our home is impossible. Our cats seem to be compelled to use the litter box quite "coincidentally" when we are in the bathroom. I don't know if this behavior is due to a "contagious" urge or some type of competition, but it occurs so frequently that I cannot chalk it up to a random act.

My cats haunt me during my morning ablutions. While I am bathing, all three are riveted to the bathtub rim, often drinking from the hot, soapy liquid in their gigantic "water dish." My cat Hush Puppy, a lilac point Oriental shorthair, often uses his tail as bait for some unknown critter that may reside in the tub. Is he trying to protect me, or to find a scrumptious meal? You tell me!


I am positive that my white Oriental shorthair, Trouble, is mocking me! He sits on the bathtub ledge primping and preening, fastidious in his grooming, even paying strict attention to the area between his toes.
Now I ask you.. is this the paws that refreshes?

One of his bizarre habits though is his insistent inspection after I wash my hair He persistently tugs and chews on my wet locks to make certain it is thoroughly cleaned to his standards. It is either that or he is taste-testing my brand of shampoo.

One never really knows for certain what motivates cats' behavior.

Do your cats join you in the Jon? Do they supervise your bathing routines? Please share your experiences with privacy invasions in your bathroom. We would love to hear about them.


Anonymous said...

My Wheezel seems to love staying in the bathroom with me while I shower. It's a routine that started when she was a tiny kitten with really bad asthma...I think she finds the steam refreshing...but when I reach for the hairdryer, she wants OUT baybee! LOL

Rani said...

Baby comes in to get petted... he seems to think "Hey, they're sitting down and not doing anything, so....!" He also pops into the shower when I first get in, but he doesn't stay for long. In our guest bathroom, there is a shelf over the toilet and nearly all of our cats, especially the males, would come in and perch and watch whoever sat on the toilet.

Years ago, I got a kitten who was a Turkish. You know that breed? They love water... they swim. Roux would jump into the bathtub with me and stay there, even with bubble bath. She would try to get in the kitchen sink when I was washing dishes, too.

Krazy Kats!


Leo said...

Yes, the cats seem to think that I will drown in the tub if not properly supervised. They also have to make sure that I flush the human litter box. These days the handle to the commode is taped so that a certain fur kid will not sit and flush and make the well go dry. One solution to the constant crying outside that closed door was to put a kitty door in the bathroom door. Now they can come and go as they want.

Anonymous said...

Hi my female cat TITA she thinks that my time in the bathroom is her purr
and pet time , since I'm in a closed room? She bangs on the bathroom door with her head and throws her body against the door if I don't open the door so most of the time I keep it cracked open for her, but will never stay in if I take a shower, she'll sit outside the door for that one but waits patiently....Oh can anyone help me out how old in human years is a 9yr old cat??? Thanks

Anonymous said...

When my cat hears me peeing, he runs to the bathroom like his life depends on it and goes crazy wailing and banging on the door. When I let him in he simply rubs against my legs as I sit on the toilet.

Anonymous said...

My cat also runs into the bathroom like a bat out of hell when I pee. He seems to anticipate when I'm going to do it because he beats me in there. Then he rubs against my legs, flops down on his side, and stretches out his lower back limb. Then he touches my closest toe with the tip of his toe on his lower back limb. He won't touch me or let me touch him in other circumstances. He acts like his life depends on this. Go figure.