Saturday, January 5, 2008

Are Girl Cats Smarter Than the Boys?

My friend Mollyspause recently informed me that she thinks that Girl kitties are way smarter than the boys. I have never given it much thought as far as intelligence is concerned. I do think that male kitties are generally more affectionate than their female counterparts, but as far as intelligence... the jury is still out as far as I am concerned.

I am going to have to do a lot of research and cogitate at length upon what she said.  But I am totally up for feedback from the cat lovers who have experiences with both genders.

Purrhaps this little video of Lucyfur outsmarting Trouble, leaving him with a stunned expression on his face after she purloined what he considered to be his own brand new and alluring toy.

So let's talk about the feline gender I.Q. differences.


Vicki said...

I have no idea if girls are smarter than boys, but this sure is a cute video!

PerfectTosca said...

Yes I believe that, just as with humans, girls are smarter than boys. However, boys are more cooperative. Thus you see Trouble in this video being OUTSMARTED but COOPERATIVE.

Donna said...

Having 4 boy cats and 2 girls, I can say that the boys 'appear' to be more intelligent...i.e. getting me up at the exact right time every morning. Hearing the ZoomGroom brushing another cat and coming running for their fair share.

The two girls though, are different as night and day. Wheezel is a love, she'll sit in my lap, call me to pick her up, then make me chase her to the bedroom to pick her up, then make me rock her back and forth. She even salivates like she thinks I'm her Mommy.

Toey, the other female on the other hand, can be as totally witchy as they come. She HATES the boys, tolerates Wheezel, and will let me pet or brush her, or put her eyedrops in *as long as NO other cat* is around. If there is, the growling starts and she retreats. She's the only cat I've ever had (and I've had more than my share) that can growl and purr at the same time.) If I'm brushing her in "our" (the computer) room, she's purring like crazy. Let her even catch the scent of another cat and they are chased from the room with the loudest of growls. She likes that ZoomGroom too much though (LOL) as she seems to want her rear end brushed the most. =-X My vet has heard of such things, cats getting sexual satisfaction from brushing, but well, for further explanation, you'll have to ask Toey.

One sex smarter than the other? Nah, they just know how to play to their strong points to get exactly what they want.

And get what they want....they do. :D

Rani said...

I don't know if one gender is necessarily smarter than the other, in cats or humans, but I've met both of these cats and I was there when Lucyfur stole the toy from Trouble, and I can say unequivocably that Lucy is a better sneak than Trouble, as well as stronger and faster.

However, smarter? Look at it like this: the toy is gone and no human can dangle it and use it to play with the cats. How smart was that, Lucy? Trouble and Puppy would not have gotten rid of it. Isn't that sort of cutting off your whiskers to spite your face?


Astaryth said...

I don't know if girl kitties are smarter, but I've always preferred them.... I think that comes from my mom having a male cat when I was little who liked to spray things LOL!

But then I'm funny about my animals... I like girl kitties and puppies, boy horses and tigers. {shrug} But I've also had boy kitties and doggies that I've cared for and girl horses and tigers that I liked, regardless of my preferences!! In the end, they are all individuals with their own little personalities and quirks...