Friday, January 4, 2008

Then Came Lucyfur!

lucystareFor years I strongly resisted the addition of a third cat to our household. After we lost Mousie Tongue,a beautiful seal point Siamese to a hidden heart condition when he was eight years old, I wondered if I would ever be ready to bring another cat into our home, or if I could ever be able to open my heart again.

My Veterinarian, Dr. Erin Holder,of Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital in Deland, Florida  began dropping compelling little hints to me, every once in awhile, suggesting that it might just be the right time to consider adding another cat. Since over two years had passed, adopting a kitten might be prudent. After all, a diminutive  ball of fluff has got to be appealing to any cat lover, right?

I began to give her invitation serious thought. So when she called to let me know me that a litter of kittens were available to go to a new home, my husband and I reluctantly,  our curiosity aroused though, visited her clinic for a look. After all, how could I say, "no" to her gentle reminder.

Mousie Tongue was a super affectionate cat who always gave me kisses, or spent time chewing my hair. It seemed like his tongue was always ready to bestow a loving gift, or to give me the feline version of a shampoo to ensure that I was appropriately groomed. He took such good care of me. So much to my surprise and delight, when I reached into the cage to remove the prospective adoptee, and held her close to my face, she immediately started giving me an abundance of kisses. That did it! I decided at that moment that her behavior was a sign of approval from Mousie Tongue and she came home with us.

Lucyfur has been a part of our family for almost three years. She is not a highly social cat, and will deign to sit on my lap from time to time. She plays with the boys on her terms,chasing them around the house in spurts, is highly territorial about "her" toys and is not a fussy eater. But she continues to kiss me and has even learned to do so when I request one, verbally. 

But I sure don't appreciate the facials she gives me with her sand paper tongue, and her continuing compulsion to chew upon my fingers. But it sure is hard to refuse these little purrsonality traits that she must consider to be endearing.

I am very happy that I listened to Dr. Holder's reminders. After all, Mousie Tongue must have been whispering in her ear in the first place.

Do you ever feel that a Rainbow Bridge baby has located a needy pet to join your family? I am curious to hear about your experiences.


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Donna said...

I wasn't really ready for MissyToe after losing Clifton years ago, I'm certain you remember. But, as fate has it, cats frequently choose US!

My newest addition, Mouse, is now 18 months old and came from a no kill shelter.

I went from room to room because I was looking for a cat smaller than Chester (2 at the time) but definitely not a 6-8 week old baby. In room 2, out of no where, this 4 month old grey kitten stepped onto my shoulder. I was in love, but had to look at the rest of the cats.

Not even the "kitten room" provided me with a suitable companion for my young "Chester" so back to room 2 we went, and voila...grey kitten shows up from no where on my shoulder again.

OK Buddy, we're going home! He's 18 months old now, his name is Mouse and he is in the process of becoming dominant in my 6 cat household. The two older males, 13 and 12, could care less. Wheezel (female - 9) still thinks she owns me especially after her recent urinary tract problems, and Missy Toe (8) Just hates everyone .... except me. Aren't multicat households just a hoot?