Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pets as Family Members


One of the most fascinating aspects of our relationship to animals, which I frequently encounter when I meet pet lovers via the Internet, is that they often virtually "adopt" their friend's pets and consider them to be a "family" member.

Often when I visit a pet chat, I hear folks refer to a friend's pet as a "nephew, niece or grandkid" and inquire about the pet in the same way they would if that pet was a human relative. Personally, I think it is really charming and warms my heart.

For example, my friend Amy, whose daughter adopted this adorable pooch named Jonah, frequently brags about him in a way that only a beaming grandmother would. She proudly refers to him as her "grandson." Blessedly rescued during Katrina, one of the most devastating hurricanes in history, he is now living in the lap of luxury with Amy's daughter and family.

Amy and Jonah want to share their best wishes for a spectacular year ahead, and to also remind folks who are thinking of adding a fur baby to their family to consider adopting. There are so many pets who linger in shelters, pining and longing for a kind hand and a warm home where loving people will give them the attention and devotion to which they are entitled.

We, as humans, must be the voice for these beautiful creatures. Please help your animal loving friends to spread the word to educate others to spay or neuter their pets. Wouldn't it be amazing, as 2008 moves on into the future, that the numbers of unwanted dogs and cats will diminish, and ultimately the need for shelters will be a thing of the past?

Personally I think that would be the time to really celebrate.

Do you ever consider a friend's pet to be part of your family? Please tell us your story.

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Astaryth said...

Ummm... yeah, I've got several LOL! Let's see, my brother and his family have a dog, 2 cats, and a bird.. all of which got Christmas presents. I also have a neighbor who has 3 dogs and a cat I consider a part of my family because I take care of them a lot.. again, they got Christmas presents. Oh, and can't forget the horses that my horse lives with and I take care of... yeah, you guessed it, carrots and apples for Christmas LOL!