Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This is a HOT Dog!

Often when I am reading my Email, I am compelled to throw my head back and laugh loudly in delight at some of the creative photography that my friends send me. Yesterday my belly laugh was the result of the kitty making himself comfy in a hammock fashioned from his mama's bra.


Today I received this photo taken by my friend Kim, of Ziggy, her delightful doggy that sometimes drives her crazy with her antics. It appears to me that Ziggy is seriously getting ready to compete in the Indy  500.  Her feminine driving skills are very much enhanced by the pink steering wheel, tires and front bumper.

I think that a pooch who not only owns her very own racing car, but who also permits us to get a glimpse of her practice session is definitely not a common sight.

You GO Ziggy!   Your fans love you and will be out there rooting for you.

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Vicki said...

Now that is just too cute. He reminds me of my clown dog Ellie. If the two of them got together, I bet they could get that car to move for sure. They would make quite a pair!