Friday, January 25, 2008

Felines Discover Ingenious Use for Exercise Bike

Our two ingenious cats, Hush Puppy and Lucyfur have discovered a few interesting uses for the broken exercise bike in our bedroom. Lucyfur loves to perch on the seat which affords her the opportunity to locate any "hidden" toys, and Hush Puppy occasionally enjoys draping himself on the handlebars to stretch out for a nap.

But their greatest delight is jumping into a plastic bag, swinging to their heart's content when I hang a plastic bag from the handlebars.

The other day I returned from my veterinarian's office with a stash of cat food stored in a paw-printed plastic bag. As soon as the cans were unloaded, Hush Puppy excitedly jumped into the bag, staring at me with his huge blue eyes, begging me to play with him. I acquiesced to his imploring look, grabbed the bag and hung it on the handlebars.

The loud purring sounds which emanated from the bag resembled a finely tuned engine. Lucyfur, not missing a trick, watched Hush Puppy carefully. I could feel the wheels turning in her head as she made her move to get in on the act.

I grabbed my camera, and the rest is history! Enjoy this little video starring Hush Puppy and Lucyfur and, of course, a paw- printed plastic bag.

Happy Birthday today, Mozart!

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Renegade Cowgirl said...

*OMG! Somebody was an early bird today! How cute! One night when I was younger I was trying to be quiet coming home so not to wake the family. All of a sudden my one cat ran past me out of control crashing into walls or whatever was in his path. Around his neck he had a plastic shopping bag that made like a parachute that chased him. I went hysterical laughing as I chased him and his frightening bag. I woke the household and nobody else seemed to amused about this until later..after their beauty sleep!