Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lucyfur: The Top Drawer Kitty


Have you ever had one of those days when your patience is stretched to the max? Do your pets suddenly behave in a way that fries your last nerve?

Today was one of those days for me!

Living in Florida does have some great advantages during the Winter months. Today's Spring- like weather inspired me to keep my promise to gather clothing to donate to a local shelter. It was a project that was long overdo. I was guilty of procrastinating but promised myself that after the first of the year I would would set aside time to undertake this task.

Going through the closets was a breeze. I was able to shut the closet door behind me in order to do my work without any feline interference. They do so love to assist their mama with interesting chores.

Closet finished, I set out to go through our dresser drawers to search for shirts and sweaters, all in excellent condition which we had sadly outgrown. All of a sudden, Ms. Lucyfur decided that the thrill of exploring the open drawers was far too much of a temptation. Jumping in with lightening speed before I could intervene, she somehow discovered that she was able to explore the entire dresser, squeezing herself into a flattened feline and fitting where no other cat would deign to attempt.

I tried to catch her but she eluded my hand. My husband, eager to get to work, was not thrilled in the least. His reddened complexion expressed his exasperation in living color. With evident frustration, he barked orders at me to grab her by her front paws, which resulted in hisses and throaty menacing growls which rivaled those made by big cats. I had no idea she could be so fierce.

Trying to remain calm, we carefully removed each drawer one at a time.However,as each drawer was extricated, Lucyfur moved more deeply into the bowels of the dresser. Bound and determined to evade capture, she slithered into spaces that were unreachable. The clothing strewn all over the floor made our job extremely difficult.

Finally, after most of the drawers lay spread out on the carpet at our feet , Lucyfur decided to come on out, wearing an expression that could only be interpreted as a Cheshire Cat grin. She was taunting us and appeared to be enjoying every second.

I fervently hope that we will never have to endure this kind of tabby- cat torture again. Alas, I know that she has more tricks up her sleeve and will be on the lookout for an another opportunity to drive us batty. She so enjoys being naughty.

Have you had exasperating experiences with your pets? Please let me know that we are not alone.


Vicki said...

I have never had this experience with a cat, but goodness knows I have had endless encounters with other animals.

A few years ago we bought some goats to keep the horses company. I had the goats in another pasture at first. One late afternoon I looked out and saw the horses running their brains out. Then I noticed why. The Billy goat had escaped his part of the pasture and had gotten in the pasture with the horses. So here I am running my brains out trying to catch the goat and keep him from getting trampled by the horses. It turned out to be a long night and I was one tired, pooped out mama by the time the whole thing was over, and everybody was back safely in their rightful places.

January 9, 2008 11:36 AM

Leo said...

We have been the brunt of this kind of Kitty torture. Our cat Laz will wait until I am in a hurry to get somewhere and scoot out the door ahead of me. This never happens when I have time to chase him and use some patience to catch him. NO!!!!! Out the door he charges like a herd of hippos and then stands on the side walk just out of reach with a look on his face like, " Are you talking to me momma?" Usually this trick get him an outside stay of several minutes while I beg and plead and remind him that the BIG DOGS next door will try to eat him. Finally he will sit and wait for me to pick him up. By then I am running way behind schedule. Alas, I love my Laz but there are days when I could trade him in on a statue of a cat instead. Never fear it would never happen though he is way to loved and worshiped. :)

Sureshot said...

Sure do hope Lucyfur isn't mad at me cause I thought she was dat white kitty - oops! Sorry Lucy!
That was a really good story. It was as if I was right there while Lucyfur was doing that. You can bet she will try again. LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL I don't know Jo. Maybe I have too many cats and they amuse/torture each other so they DON'T torture me. The are an abundance of amusement though. Mouse had me in stitches just a few minutes ago all over a quilt hung cattycorner (no pun intended!) so they could get "under" and stay warm in this damp yukky weather. He attacked it and is now chasing poor Missy back to the top of the kitchen cabinets where HE thinks she belongs. If he only knew he was so small and that personality. LOLOLOL it sounds like WW III going on in there, but it's all noise.

Mouse is quite the bully. To the girls anyway. :)