Saturday, January 19, 2008

Little Horse Has a Large Sweet Tooth!

Kasodi's miniature horse, Pagan, is a fanatic for peppermint candies. Whenever Kasodi's uncle pays a Pagan a visit, he is always armed with a huge assortment of her favorite treats.

Pagan's peppermint passion sure is obvious when she raises her lip in approval, giving him a rather "toothy" grin.

What are some of your horse's favorite goodies? How do they communicate their delight upon receiving a treat? Let us know all about it. I am sure Pagan would appreciate some suggestions as well!


Vicki said...

All of my horses love the usuall horsey treats like apples, and carrots. But I have one horse who loves to drink iced tea from a plastic glass. One day I was standing near him with a glass of tea. Much to my surprise he just reached over and took the glass from me,turned it up, and gulped away. Goofy Horse!

Astaryth said...

I've found a lot of horses seem to like peppermints. I used to work with one that could tell when we had been to Pizza Hut because I would always pocket everyones mints for him. He would see us come back from lunch and nicker. I don't know if he could smell the peppermints or the pizza smell, but he knew treats were in store!

The horsey treats that I buy regularly now come in 3 flavors... apple, licorice and peppermint. I usually get the apple and peppermint and mix the two bags together in the bin so when I grab a handful I get a few of each.