Sunday, April 13, 2008

Silent Sunday: Kitty and Catnip, 35 Second Party

There is nothing more enticing to most cats than a high quality fresh catnip.

Trouble, our White Oriental Shorthair obviously is delighting in the effects of this feline version of "whacky weed".

Do your cats enjoy a taste of catnip? How do they respond to it? Leave a comment and let us know!


Marteye1 said...

a drug addict purrr for sure

AG said...

Being owned by six cats, catnip effects each of them differently. Five out the six act like drunken cats which is"normal" Now Patches, one of the last three I adopted is the odd one out. I put three little piles of catnip on the floor, one for each litter mate. Patches becomes aggressive, rolling in her pile and then pushing her sisters out of the way to take theirs. Keep in mind Patches has a semi-long coat so it sticks to her fur. So she gets to keep the catnip smell attached to her all day.
My other three cats get really silly and can bend in the weirdest ways. It is so much fun to watch them.

Linda said...

Trouble is so cute! LOL. He certainly likes his nip. hee hee

Linda D

Rani said...

Rao, our marmalade tabby, loves catnip. For a day or so after I give it to him, he will sit on the floor in the kitchen, pointedly staring at the drawer I keep it in. But out of sight, out of mind, till next time I give it.

My Baby, our Ragamuffin, loves 'nip, too. But his attention span is even shorter than Rao's.

The routine is thus: I get out the bag of 'nip and go over to where the (cardboard) scratching boards are. When I unzip the bag, I put it under their noses so they get a whiff and know what's coming. Then they try to cram their heads into the plastic bag. I rub some nip into the cardboard scratchers and put some into this catnip-quilt that was given to me by the lady who writes this column. It's about a foot square and has a little opening. You put nip in it and toss it on the ground. They grab it and roll all over the ground with it. Then when both are totally stoned on 'nip, I take out the cat-treats. Rao isn't generally into cat-treats of any kind, but there is a brand he will eat if he gets stoned on 'nip. Baby will eat any treats, but he isn't really a pig for treats like most other cats I've had.

So that's the routine.

I used to have indoor/outdoor cats, and I also used to grow my own herbs. When I grew catnip, all 3 of the cats would attack the plant and rip pieces out by the roots and eat it entire thing.


Rani said...

I forgot to ask...

When your cats have their nip, do they tend to want to claw? Even if I give them their nip away from the scratching board, that's where they head.

Scratch the board, play a little bit, fall asleep.