Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lucyfur's Adoption: A Miraculous Match

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It was heartbreaking for us to surrender our adorable Lucyfur to be re-homed last month. My husband and I adored her sweet purrsonality and her appealing little habits which were quite unique. Her deep throated purr, accompanied by incessant kneading and drooling especially endeared her to me. While she was very affectionate with us, she remained aloof from our two other kitties, never really bonding with them.

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Lucyfur seemed unhappy with them and kept to herself most of the time. It was also apparent that a difficult situation was developing  between Trouble, our white Oriental Shorthair neuter and Lucyfur, as they both began spraying in our bedroom.

After an exhausting and thorough search for answers to our kitty problems, assisted by our caring veterinarian, Dr. Erin Holder and  the enlightening session I had with Lisa Reber, an animal communicator, our concern about Lucyfur's discontent was validated. Trouble was telling Lisa that Lucyfur was very unhappy and longed to be an only kitty which would afford her the opportunity to receive undivided love and affection. She had no desire to live with other cats.

In an entry I posted earlier this week, Cats That Spray I wrote that  several people were interested in adopting Lucyfur. Since she is such a charming and coquettish kitty, I was not at all surprised that she was touching people's hearts. Several days later I spoke with Linda, the office manager at Florida Wild Veterinary Hospital. She informed me that a charming couple, who had no other cats, had fallen in love with Lucyfur and were  in the process of adopting her. Late yesterday afternoon, when my caller I.D. displayed the clinic's phone number, my heart skipped a beat. I was thrilled to hear Linda's voice informing me that "Lucy has gone to her new home."

However, there are some rather unusual events surrounding Lucyfur's adoption.It seems that her new "fur parents" have recently relocated from New York to Florida. We made that same move in 2001. Additionally they live in the same town as we do. 

The icing on the cake is that they wanted to adopt only one kitty. As far as I am concerned, I have finally come to the conclusion that my husband and I provided long term fostering for Lucyfur until her forever family made their presence known. I am so grateful to Florida Wild Animal Hospital for the loving care with which they provided Lucyfur during her transition time, and the people who have taken her into their hearts and home. Purrhaps one day we shall meet . . . could it be at the petfood aisle in our local shopping center?

Do you think that this adoption scenario is a  bizarre coincidence, or further evidence that our cats really find us through a mysterious process that we will never quite understand?

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Janet Roper said...

No such thing as coincidence! It sounds like a planned process took place, perhaps with Lucyfur co-ordinating it all?

Do you know her new family? It would be fascinating to discover other similarities between the two of you.

Janet Roper

donna9331 said...

I agree with Janet...NO such thing as a coincidence. You know all my cats have found me in one way or another...the only exception being Wheezel whom I picked at a no kill shelter.

Remember when I wanted a kitten for Chester? I wanted someone about 4 or so months old (not an infant) and not a full grown cat.

Walked into the second room of cats and out of nowhere comes this little 4 month old grey kitten, HUGE ears, oriental features..and appears on my shoulder. He was like...WELL so you FINALLY came to get me! I *did* look at the other cats, but Mouse had my heart from that moment on. coincidences, not in the cat world!

I'm SO happy for Lucyfur, AND for you and hubby. I hope the spraying problems go away totally.

Wheez can't go to 'every other day' or even 1/2 tablet a day on her amitrip or the "pee pee" problems return. I relented last night and ordered 6 'refills' of Feliway plug in refills to provide some additional comfort. I have to use two at a time (probably twice...that'll be about 12 weeks) then I'll try going down to just one and see how it goes.

It's expensive but it does seem to work. I think, like in your situation, Mouse is causing her some grief, but I love that little boy so much, I could never give him up. Bring on the amitriptyline and the Feliway LOL

Anonymous said...

They say things happen for reasons unknown to us.This is a prime example.
Which leads me to my daughters story. Her vet asked her to foster a pitbull mix named Elfie around Christmas. She agreed and he was welcomed by her critters which included 3 other dogs and 6 cats. She posted flyers and got a few calls and even had Elfie spend a overnight visit. While that visit didn't turn out as she would have liked she continued keep him and train him. About 4 months later a wonderful family adopted Elfie. The family has two children in their teens, a couple small dogs and a cat. It took the cat a couple weeks to adjust to Elfie because the smaller dogs would chase the cat. When the cat realized Elfie was a cat lover she got over her fear. They are now best pals and Elfie (now named Scout)is living in the lap of luxury.

Rani said...

I know Lucy and I've seen the whole scenario unfold. Lucy is sweet and entertaining, but she really never did bond with Trouble and Puppy. I'm really glad that you consulted with Lisa and got to the root of the problem, which is that Lucy is a loner, an Only Cat by temperament.

I'm glad that her Fur-ever Home appeared right when they were needed and I think that yes, the universe works that way.

Steve and I wish Lucyfur happiness in her new home and also our hearts go out to you and your hubby. We know that Lucy loves both of you and that you both love her, too. It's a relief for your family dynamic, but it's still a loss.

Rani, Steve, Rao, and Baby

Vicki said...

I know how heartbreaking the situation was with Lucy, and what a difficult decision it was to give her up. But I am so happy that she has a wonderful new home with someone that loves, and cares for her. A wonderful outcome for all.