Monday, April 7, 2008

Elephant Art: Saving the Species


A friend sent a link to me yesterday to a You Tube video featuring artistic elephants. I was enthralled as I watched these gentle giants creating  fascinating "self portraits", yet part of me remained skeptical. After visiting snopes. com, I was thrilled to learn that the fascinating video was legitimate.

Artistic elephants are creating art for sale in both Asia and the United States These paintings are for sale to raise funds for a variety of elephant rescue organizations.

The number of Asian elephants are also diminishing. Groups such as the Asian Elephant Arts and Conservation project, is dedicated to help preserve the species and is one of the largest groups to promote elephant art as a fund raising project.

AEACP is a non-profit organization working with domesticated Asian elephants. It raises funds through both donations and the sale of the elephant's amazing artwork.

So touched by their horrific backgrounds and loving personalities, now supports, "Starving Elephant Artisans" by selling their paintings so they can continue to have a new life in Thailand.

Watch this elephant, rescued from abusive treatment in Burma, now paints an amazing self portrait. You'll be amazed at how his talent unfolds.

Were you fascinated by this "talent" and enthusiasm which was demonstrated by the artist? Leave a comment and talk about your reaction.


AG said...

Absolutly mind blowing. I know they are very, very smart that they can communicate with sounds we as humans can not hear. Bravo!!

Vicki said...

WE have an elephant sanctuary not far from here. It is not open to the public for visits, but we are very proud of the work they do. In my dentist's office hangs one of these pictures that an elephant did. I would love to have one, but they are a bit pricy.

Rani said...

Not to burst anyone's bubble, but from everything I've read about this, including the links at Snopes, the elephants are trained to paint those images... and I don't have the impression that they "know" that they are creating art. Just doing what they were trained to do: pick up the brush and do "this."

Elephants are very intelligent and can be taught a lot, as well as being very loving and affectionate with their babies.

But as an artist myself, it is pretty evident that they're not aware that they are painting an image of themselves.

Sure is cool, though!