Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Resolution to Promote Horse Slaughter is Defeated!

Barbaro enjoys a refreshing bath

The "Barbaro Effect" continues to weave its' magic. This incredibly good news, which was released on April 25, just four days prior to Barbaro's birthday demonstrates how dedicated his fans are to taking action to benefit all horses. I felt compelled to re-post the article below, to keep folks informed about the progress that is being made in the work that is underway to ensure the passage of H.R.503/S.311.

National Conference of State Legislators Defeats Resolution to Promote Horse Slaughter is Defeated!

April 25, 2008 (Washington, D.C.)  A renegade resolution to promote the continued slaughter of American horses for human consumption abroad was defeated at today's meeting of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). The measure, offered by state Representative David Sigdestad (D-SD), urged the United States Congress to oppose the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, currently pending in Congress. AWI commends those state legislators who stood up in support of humane treatment of horses.

"The scheme was yet another dirty trick brought to you by the horse slaughter industry and its lobbyists. Contrary to their claims, the federal American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act has enormous Congressional and public support, and the current trend at the state level has also been towards the passage of laws that protect horses from slaughter," said Chris Heyde, deputy director of government and legal affairs for the Animal Welfare Institute.

The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (S. 311/H.R. 503), will prohibit the slaughter of American horses here or abroad for human consumption in Europe and Asia where it is often considered a delicacy. The Senate and House versions have 38 and 200 cosponsors, respectively.

Polls show the majority of Americans support an end to the foreign-driven trade, as do hundreds of horse industry leaders and organizations, humane groups and dozens of celebrities. As a result, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act passed the United States House of Representatives by an overwhelming margin in the 109th Congress and is up for reconsideration again. States are also weighing in.

"While the US Congress is considering a federal ban, California, Texas and Illinois have taken action to send this predatory business packing. South Dakota recently considered the issue when a bill authorizing state funds for the construction of a horse slaughterhouse was stopped in its tracks, yet here we have a legislator from South Dakota, Representative Sigdestad, offering a resolution that flies in the face of legislative trend and public sentiment," said Heyde. "We must enact the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act immediately to protect America"s horses from being trucked alive across our borders for slaughter abroad, and to further the will of those states that have enacted measures to end this barbaric trade."
In recent years, more than 100,000 American horses were slaughtered annually at three foreign-owned horse slaughterhouses operating out of Texas and Illinois while tens of thousands more were exported to Canada and Mexico for slaughter there. Last year laws were enacted in Texas and Illinois prohibiting the slaughter, thus shutting down the country's remaining domestic plants. Nonetheless, the industry continues to haul huge numbers of American horses over the border for slaughter where they may be stabbed in the neck to induce paralysis before slaughter.

"There has been a concerted effort by the misnamed 'Horse Welfare Coalition,' mentioned in Representative Sigdestad's resolution, to mislead legislators and the American public on the gruesome nature of horse slaughter. The fact is that this coalition was founded and is led by the very same foreign-owned companies that were previously slaughtering our horses here and are now trucking them over the border to Canada and Mexico to do the same, only under worse conditions. That the horse slaughter lobby claims to be working in the best interest of American horses by pushing for the defeat of a federal ban on their slaughter is disingenuous," said Heyde.

"We're just glad that reason ruled the day and the NCSL defeated the resolution."

Let's keep the momentum going, folks! Please continue to make those phone calls and help get these bills passed! Our beloved horses are counting on you!


Joanne said...

I'm so glad that was defeated. Now if we can just get that Larry Craig to stop his hold on the bill maybe we can get somewhere. If this is a democracy I can't fathom how ONE jerk can stop the will of the people.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is "Bravo" to all those who worked so hard for this cause!

Anonymous said...

When I came into this world, the one thing I remember always loving and respecting is HORSES! I have always had a deep rooted love for them and to think a person could eat something with a soul is disguisting! Since I was 11 I have been blessed with horses in my life. I cannot even imagine life without them. Last year at 49 I got kicked (a honest mistake) by my older girl and my back broken in 4 places. My fear was that my 'ride of my life' was over. I am thankful to say it isn't and I thank God for allowing me to be able to saddle and get on my young Breeze in another year. We start them riding at 3 when their bones are more developed. I CANNOT express the happiness I felt reading this! Thank you everybody as these beings are indeed special. Please if you can't have a horse but have a love for them try to support a local group for horses. We have a few in our area. Canter is one. It helps handicapped people be able to ride and they are always looking for a horse-person handler. Also in our area we have Care for the Horses. A non-profit group to help abused and abandoned horses! You can adopt from them and give a horse a second chance! We help by making items for their silent auction. One year I did a beaded halter! It is fun and to know we can help these majestic beings makes my heart smile. We owe this to the horses! We could never be where we are without horses. Saturday I will be 50! Thanks God for allowing me to be able to live my life with my horses! ~rc~

lj (%) said...

Nice article Jo, and thanks for re-posting the Big Defeat!! That one was a major plus for the horses and a great boost for us too!

Kinda made me feel that someone out there has paid attention to all we have tried to accomplish, and that we really can help horses to live good, strong and long lives, that otherwise might not have a chance at any future at all! They're not meant to be food!

The slaughter issue needs to be resolved so that the American people can spend more time dedicated, and devoted to the horses that are unwanted or neglected. There is much work to be done, and we can do this in good order too I think, if we remain united for the horses!!

Anonymous above, and I share a great deal in common with horses and our own back injuries. I'm one of the fortunate also! Be well all and keep calling and making a noise! It's helping!

Ride 'em like you stole 'em!!

Smile, it'll give your face something to do!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jock for hire! They are a high aren't they? I read something today I am sure some have seen already..One saying is 'I whisper but my horse doesn't listen.' I found this to be cute! Ride on all!

lj (%) said...

They are high,.... ? Meaning our hopes and expectations I assume! Yes! Maybe even unreasonably so, but many would say we're not being too realistic,.. and have just been setting ourselves up for some serious hurts to come. Well maybe so! I can't think that way though!

That's not a concern for those of us who go on with this fighting for the betterment of horses, ya know? Because where horses are concerned, the skies are just so limitless! I've been reaching to the skies for my whole life, and I've seen some amazing things over the years with, and without horses!

Nothing has brought me more joy except for God's Love, when I realized I had it! It's God who's been there all along and responsible for giving us all this gift of horses!! What a glory it has been to have such a gift. Protecting this gift is what we have to do!! Isn't it? I think so anyway!!

BTW Anonymous Happy Birthday!!!

Ride 'em like you stole 'em!!

jock4hire (lj)