Saturday, April 5, 2008

Animal Communicators: Fact or Fiction?

We were at our wit's end with Trouble, our white Oriental Short hair neuter. It seemed that there were no answers forthcoming about his continual spraying and piddling behavior. No matter what we tried, Trouble continued to anoint the carpet and our box spring, (thankfully still covered in plastic). We tried Prozac, with which our veterinarian had had much success in other cats with the same problem, but Trouble had a bad reaction to it, and, in fact became more anxious, prowling the house, yowling and pacing. We took him off  Prozac as soon as we realized that he was not responding well to it. I was on the phone with my Veterinarians constantly, wondering what was at the source of his upset which seemed to be increasing each day.


Since he had been diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus, he was receiving his daily medication which was being administered to help his urine concentrate. It was supposed to help stop the spraying problem, but it had no effect on that behavior. We even boarded Lucyfur, our Tabby Domestic Short hair at our Veterinarian's clinic to try to ascertain if the interaction between Trouble and Lucyfur might be causing his increased anxiety. I got to the point where I did not know where to turn to get a solution to our puzzling problem.

A suggestion was made to me to consider consulting with an Animal Communicator. Initially I was quite skeptical about taking this step, but with all the emotional and financial effort that we had undertaken, with no major conclusive results, I decided that it was worth the small fee to go for it. I had little to lose and the possibility of much to gain.

One of my good friends had mentioned an animal communicator who had remotely "found" a Ragamuffin kitty who had escaped from her carrier during a security check at a large airport and who had been missing for days. Read about it at: Air Travel with Pets: Making it Safer 

I cautiously put a toe into the water and wrote to Lisa Reber, sending her photographs of our cats and a little about their history including the current horrendous problems we were experiencing. I did not want to give her too much information and did not go into great detail to make sure that the reading would be untainted. Within hours I received a response from her.We quickly scheduled a session for a long distance reading for Trouble. When she called to confirm the appointment, there was something in her voice that gave me a very positive feeling that she would be able to help. However, I still remained skeptical, of course.

Our appointment was yesterday at 2:30 PM. When the phone rang I was not sure what the outcome would be. Part of me "knew" that she would give me the information that we needed, but another part of me was highly critical of my taking this step. I guess this is a normal reaction for a skeptic.

To my great surprise our session totally blew me away. Lisa began her reading  by describing Trouble as a "flamboyant" kitty. She hit the nail on the head!  She continued the reading telling me that Trouble had a special name for me, "MoMa". He absolutely adores me, but had been rather frustrated trying desperately to communicate  with me. He was very happy and relieved that he now was having the opportunity to let me know what was on his mind.

Lisa informed  me that she "picked up"  that Trouble was in the first stages of kidney failure resulting from a high quality cat food which I had fed him quite a long time ago in order to perk up his appetite..He had grown finicky, refusing his regular diet. She explained that the food to which I had switched back then, was actually toxic for his particular physical make up. She was delighted that we had changed brands back to a grainless chicken or turkey formula. Since Lisa had no idea of his feeding history, I began listening more intently to what Trouble was telling me through her.

In her conversation with Trouble about Lucyfur, she learned that Lucyfur was not happy living with us. While she loved us, she was not particularly enamored of sharing her life with other cats, longing to be an only kitty, living with a male human companion.She had communicated that to Trouble. She had not bonded with Trouble or Hush Puppy (Trouble refers to him as Hush Hush) and was basically miserable in our home. My heart broke when she told me about her upset, and I immediately felt that I had let her down. Lisa reassured me that our home was not one that was meant to be permanent and that she had come to live with us temporarily. We were not her "forever home." and a more suitable one was waiting for her. I still feel guilty about it, even though she reassured me there was no need.

She had some things to tell me about my personal life that she learned about through her conversation with Trouble who was quite concerned about them. I won't go into them here, but I nearly fell off my chair when she raised his concerns. It came totally out of the blue and was so "on the money." Since Lisa had absolutely no idea about this "side issue" to which she brought to my attention, (along with some very realistic suggestions about how to deal with them) I can say it is that this information dissolved my skepticism completely.

Lisa also sent remote Reike healing to Trouble. I have to say that he has calmed down considerably in the past few days, no longer wandering around the house yowling and pacing. I am so relieved that he appears to be on the mend.


I talked with my Veterinarian last night. She agreed that he could be in the beginning of kidney failure and will be giving him supplements and herbal products to maintain his kidney health. I am much more optimistic that we are on the way to a successful result and that Trouble will shortly have no further need to continue his inappropriate elimination.

To read more about Animal Communicators visit Meet Our Pet Communicator and About Pet Communication

Have you had any experience with Animal Communicators? I would love to hear other stories about this fascinating means of communicating with our pets. Please leave a comment and tell us about it.



Anonymous said...

I've had horse kids talk about Animal Communicators and how amazing they are. I'd love to try one on Grey, Gigi and Tigger!

Anonymous said...

wow...absolutely amazing, but I'm so sad about LucyFur! The fact that your vet is also buying into this...if he IS in the beginnings of kidney failure at such a young age (how old is he anyway?) you can hopefully treat it so he can lead a long and healthy life.

I'm interested to know if the spraying issues stop or slow...heck people have psychiatrists, why not pets? We KNOW they can think, and only a very select few can communicate back.

Kathryn Levy Feldman (Kit) said...

Wow! I need her contact info. She might be just what Amos the still limping collie needs.

Vicki said...

I am heartbroken about Lucy. I have never dealt with animal communicators, but those who have really do believe in what they have to say. I so hope Lucy will get the loving home she deserves, and Trouble will finally find some peace.

annie said...

i'm so happy that you had so much success with the animal communicator. hope trouble will now get better. will light a candle today in his honour and in honour of your other cats.


Joanne said...

I really respect what she said but I am having a hard time with what she said about LucyFur. Who told her that? Trouble or Lucy? Are you supposed to just get rid of her then? How would you have any idea that Lucy's new how was the "right" one? I find that whole thing very upsetting to say the least

Candy Sandford said...

Yes, we did try a pet communicator with our Border Terrier Dante who was acting very weird. It was years ago so hard to remember exactly about all of it, but Dante was a challenge from Day One.

We got him when he was 2, he was the son of Kirstie who was then 6. Dante became my son's dog. I remember that he was doing something that was driving us crazy, and the communicator told us some stuff that at first I totally blew off - until later.

The most important thing is that she said my son was having huge difficulties and was very stressed, and Dante was picking up HIS stress! We had reason to recognize my son's difficulties not long after. I'd only sent this woman (who did this via phone) half the money she had requested because I was so disbelieving, but within a few months I sent her the rest - with an apology


Fran said...

I spent a weekend at an animal communication workshop with Dawn Heyman at Spring Farm CARES in Utica, NY about 6 years ago. She does the same things as the communicator you used. It was a mind-blowing experience and I can totally relate to the skepticism. Even after experiencing Dawn in person and having her later do a communication by phone (which was on the money about certain things she couldn't have known about otherwise, but was not actually all that helpful for the dogs- issue I called about)

I still have very conflicting feelings about that kind of communication. I can't deny that it exists, but some of the things that are reported just sound "too much". I guess the communicator often doesn't/can't separate her own interpretations and feelings from that which she "gets" from the animals.

If you're not familiar with Dawn and Spring Farm, you might enjoy the website

I look forward to hearing more updates about your situation.


Rani said...

I know this family in real life, both the humans and the cats. After hearing the details of what Lisa said, it all made total sense. Although she obviously loves her humans, she never seemed to quite be blended into the family and always marched to the beat of her own drummer. Even when she was a kitten and sat on my lap purring while I petted her, it never quite seemed to me that she totally belonged there. And I definitely see the part about her wanting a male owner and to be a single cat. It's not that she didn't love and appreciate her peeps and kits, just that it was never a perfect fit and forever home.

Please don't feel that it was any lack on your part. It wasn't ever you.

Also, I know you boarded Lucy at the vet to see if that helped Trouble's woes... and even though you didn't post it and even though you didn't say it to me, it seemed to me that even then, you were considering the possibility of asking your vet to help find a new home for Lucy even before you spoke with Lisa.

I know this for a fact: you only want the best for everyone concerned, all the cats and all the humans. To poster Joanne, this is not a case of "getting rid of Lucy just because Trouble is spraying and piddling." Neither of these cat-loving people would ever do that.

Hope that helps.


Janet Roper said...

Hi there,
My name is Janet Roper and I am a professional animal communicator. I found your post and the comments very interesting, and I thank you for sharing your experience.

I commend you for being willing to try an animal communicator, especially since you described yourself as skeptical. When you have been living through all of the medical issues and emotional issues you have been experiencing, that takes a lot of courage. Kudos to you!

I often think of animal communication, working with a vet and working with a trainer as three legs of a triangle. When each side is balanced, the triangle is balanced; if one or more sides is out of balance, the triangle can fall, creating disorder or confusion.

Those of us who are animal lovers want to do the best we can for our pets, taking care of them to the best of our ability. Because of the depth of our love, we may forget that our pets can and do make decisions of their own about their life direction. I invite you to consider this with LucyFur. Perhaps she has chosen to be with you at this point in time because only you can give her what she needs. If that is the case, you are doing for her what no one else can. I commend you again for that.

In response to Fran's comment about communicators separating our emotions/feelings/thoughts from the information that we are receiving, that is one of the things we are trained to do. My job as a communicator is not to tell you what my experience is, or even to tell you what to do with the information I pick up. My job is to relay the information to you in a clear, detached manner. If I can not do that, it is important for me to tell you so, perhaps even referring you to another communicator. As an animal communicator, one of the things that I am asking myself as I am speaking to a potential client, is if I will be able to detach myself and give clear information. If I can't do that, I'm no help to anyone.

Should you run into a communicator, or any intuitive for that matter, who, for whatever reason, can not detach themselves from the information, a possible question to ask yourself is if this is the person for you to be working with at this point in time. And then, trust your gut response!

Should you be interested in finding out more about intuition and animal communication, check my blog:

Again, thanks for sharing your story and best of luck to you and your 4 leggeds.

Janet Roper

Anonymous said...

I, too, am a skeptic as far as animal communicators are concerned. (My veterinarian daughter is a certified animal behaviorist...what can I say?)

However, I am of the opinion that whatever works to get our feline companions back on track and of healthy mind and body is totally acceptable.

I also know that LucyFur will be well cared for, no matter where she lives. Her current hu-mom will be very sure of that!


PerfectTosca said...

Spring Farm Cares is nearby where I live and I love those people. I did the Blogathon last year on my blog for them. I love those people. I too took their workshop, more than once. It is very peaceful and uplifting at the same time--and yes, mindblowing at times. I have never used Dawn for a private session as I have never felt the need, but I do know that we ALREADY communicate with our pets and they with us. Why NOT take it to a higher level? We do it with people all the time and most of them are hardly worth it. lol

Jo, please remember that my RIP Giz (age 21) Was diagnosed that way too, and he lived for nine years without a symptom. When his numbers got high they actually went back down to normal. We worked on it together.

I think you did a great thing for you and for Trouble! Why even ask if it's real, look at the result and you know it is!
I have been thinking of doing that for Roni, who collapsed a few weeks ago, only to find that he has Stage 5 murmur. He is doing great on his meds, the sweetie, but I have thought, I wonder if he needs to tell me anything?

So I give you kudos for doing this for a cat I have known for a long time that your adore. Good Ole Trouble wouldn't be Trouble without Trouble, right?