Friday, April 25, 2008

Fabulous Friday on Frequently Feline: Meet Fluffy the Wonder Cat!

Fluffy on Couch 04-15-2008
Fluffy,(often referred to affectionately as Fluffykins), is a determined, feisty kitty, rescued and adopted by Laurentha. She is not only beautiful, but has named herself to be a spokespurrson for all pets considered by many folks to be disabled. She has no idea that she is "handicapped". Rather than focusing on her disability, she often is heard to profess that  it is ability that counts.

Incontinent due to an injury as a baby kit which caused hind end paralysis, Fluffy wears a diaper.  But this does not prevent her from being a mischievious rabble rouser. She can be quite the instigator to inspire her feline and canine pals to noisily tear around the house.

I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Fluffy and her kitty servant, Laurentha almost two years ago as I was curious find out more about this delightful diva and her view on life. The interview can be read at: Interview With Fluffy and Laurentha.

Fluffy on Couch (2) 04-15-2008 
Fluffy has grown into a gorgeous kitty, who continues to reign her household with an iron paw. It is a pleasure to introduce her here as our Pet of The Week.

Leave a comment to give a "paws up" to Fluffykins and Laurentha to conCatulate them!


Rhoda said...

What a wonderful story, Having 2 special need birds one with only one foot and one who has liver damage that has caused her beak to be deformed, it makes my heart feel all warm. It is something how it is harder on us them our little loves ones,because they really feel nothing is wrong with them.Laurentha is so special to be able to open her heart and home to this wonderful kitty.I am sure it has been rough at times probaly more then anyone will ever know. I bow to you.

Vicki said...

What a wonderful story. I have so much admiration for anyone who loves and cares for a special needs pet. It takes a very special person to do that, and I am sure it is challenging at times, but nevertheless rewarding.

Janet Roper said...

Fluffy, you're a trooper - way to go, Fluffykins!
Janet Roper

Laurentha said...

Fluffy thinks she should now have a tiarra since she's been named pet of the week. She is such a brat. Her nickname around our house is "Bratcat".

Linda said...

Oh my what a special woman and cat! Kinda reminds me of when Sassy was incontinent. I never did use a diaper....she would have had a fit! What a
wonderful story.