Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Seeing Spots Before Your Eyes? Meet Zane Grey!

Of course our "101 Dalmation" contest is still going strong.

Talk about creativity, this submission blew my socks off. I just love how the "artist" found some interesting "dapples" to decorate her beautiful horse Zane Grey, who is an 18-year-old Azteca, an Andalusian and quarter horse cross.spotted grey


So join in the fun and get those entries in, folks. I can't wait to see how folks will add inventive decor to the photos of their pets.

This certainly is a "horse of a different color," don't you think?


Vicki said...

I'm sure he is a beautiful horse, but he looks like he has barnacles all over him. After 911 I was gonna color Casper, (my albino horse) in red, white, and blue. Hubby didn't like the idea soooo.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vic, those are peacock spots! :::Snicker:::

Vicki said...

Oh, that makes more sense! hehe

Rosi said...

Glad you FINALLY understand that, Vic. ROFLOL It's HARD to do peacock spots in psp and then put them on old Grey...:::Laughing:::